Metro PC / my plan

United States

I have been with Metro PC
for over a year when I got the plan I had unlimited everything and I added a second line and was told the second line would not affect my unlimited plan for the first time on April 6, 2018 I got a text stating I had only a small amount of data which was suppose to be unlimited so I called and spoke with a representative and she keeps going on about some changes I had made to my plan where I don't have unlimited data anymore I explained to her I have not made any changes to my plan and then l requested her supervisor and he first told me his name was David and he just jumped right in telling me the same thing the representative told me he just read what was told to him I told him I would be discontinuing my service with metro and he got smart and told me that's my progative and gave me my account number to go to another mobile provider I asked him his name again and this time he told me bill, it's really sad when companies just treat customers any kind of way and don't care that a company loseing clients

Apr 07, 2018

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