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Metlife Disability / short term disability

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metlife disability company
Oil City
i was put out of work in jan 2009 and have had a ongoing problem with this company. it is always they didn't receive paperwork or they don't have enough information on a case that is self explanatory and has not changed. recently we were told it was in review and a check would be in the mail this week due to condition not changed however everyday i called and talked to them it was it is still in review. now it is the nurse never did it and is being sent to their doctor. to begin with, it is unbelievable a Nurse calls the shots on who is eligible over a doctor statement that puts a patient out. if i remember right a doctor's schooling is alot longer than a nurse. a never have i worked as a nurse and we decided the doctor's statements, records, etc where overlooked by us. my husband has had to cancel 2 appointments with his neurologist due to the delay in checks. he has been unable to get medications, we are about to have utilities turned off due to arrangements unable to be met due to the delay in checks, we have lost our transportation, we are lucky to eat once a day. need i go on this company has caused us severe problems and if any employer tells you they are getting this insurance i would think twice of getting it. health problems that occur overnight is hard enough to deal with yet alone a company you think will help on some of the burden is totally devastating.


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A  20th of Jul, 2009 by 
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I to was given the we will review speech . I was taken from my job in an ambulance; and admitted to the hospital the same day and I still have not recieved any compesation since 5/29 and it is no w 7/20.Bills do not go under review and neither does a persons life. I pay the cost for these benifits every pay period when I was working ; and now when i need them I cant recieve what I am entitled too.I am about to loose everything I've been working for all these years for a vaction that I did not request I dont want them to give me anything I just want what I have been paying for insurance.
A  18th of Feb, 2010 by 
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I aplied for short term and i got a call from my case manager and she said the check will be in the mail tomarrow. but the next morning i got another call from a diffrent case manager saying my doctor files were not clear and i am denied. but not even 24 hours earlier the said there sending me the check. Really dont know what to do at this point.
N  14th of May, 2010 by 
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My claim was first approved for Short Term, I went back out of work a week later and Metlife deined it. They kept saying they did not receive paper work, its under review, or they received it but need more information. Every time I called I would get a different answer. Not to mention the case managers are very rude. I still am fighting for my short term and continue to get the run around from Metlife.
N  29th of Apr, 2011 by 
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My heart goes out to all the people who have had the same unfortunate experience that I have had. This is my 3rd week waiting on MetLife, after they got money out of my check biweekly. I do not have any civil words at this point, and benevolent patience and understanding are almost beyond me now. I have furnished them with information that they required, trusted them sight unseen. What if we stop putting $ in their pockets? I hope some governmental agency investigates them.
A  20th of May, 2011 by 
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I signed a agreement giving my medical provider permission to release any and all information to MetLife disability, somebody is dropping the ball and I strongly suspect MetLife-MetLife discontinued my benefits even when they had knowledge I did not have any further information until my next doctor's appointment, which will not be until May24th 2011.
A  1st of Jul, 2013 by 
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This seems to be an ongoing issue. What ever happened to the voice of "the people". Big companies believe they can get away with this immoral behavior, because we don't stick together and fight. It is a conflict of interest for insurance companies to have "payroll" clinicians deciding claims. Of course, it's going to be denied! You also, have "reps" who receive bonuses, etc., for denying claims. Most of the "reps" are attorneys who are used to lying & thieving for living. I have no respect for that profession. You know ...as the good book says "you reap what you sow". However, I do pray for the day the peoples' voice will be heard and more weighty regulations will be put in place. Greed is a sickness.

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