MetaBankdirect deposti 2 days early

C Oct 16, 2018

I Have A Prepaid Netspend Card Through Metabank & Its My Pay Period Time And I Have Bills To Pay My Money Through My Job Come Every Other Thursday So I've Been Getting Paid On Tuesdays At Around 12:10 pm & Today My Money Hasent Came And Here It Is Damn Near 5:30 And Still No Updates No Telling If Or When I'm Going To Recieve My Money This Is [censored] And Should NOT Still Be Down I Work For My Money On A Scheduled Shift CLOCK In And CLOCK Out TIMES So Why Can't I Get My Money On Time? I Understand That There Might Be Issues But To Still Not Even Give Not ONE SINGLE UPDATE or Even An APROXIMATE Time As To Which I WILL Be Recieve My Paycheck...smh

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