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I called Merrill Lynch on 6-4-18 @ 5:10 pm spoke to a representative about my 401 k plan she stated her name was tambria I had questions about withdrawing money due to hardship.. she asked a few questions I gave her answers I then asked if I can get out of 401k she stated no I with no explanation I then asked to speak to Supervisor she refused to put an Supervisor on the phone for over half hour stating a a Supervisor will tell me the same thing she's telling me I told her I still will like to hear it from upper management.. she was really nasty and still refused she then said give me three reasons why before she gets me a Supervisor which I provides ahw went on for an additional 10 min refusing to put a Supervisor on phone then she finally stated she will put me on a theee minute hold which turned into 7 minuets and stated her Supervisor BEN WILL NOT SPEAK WIGH ME that he told her to send me necessary paperwork due to hardship.. through email which I still haven't received as of yet she was terrible! I then asked her if she had an I'd # she said no I asked where is she located she said Florida I said what part she stated she can't disclose the section of Florida for safety purposes.. this was the worst experience ever all I wanted was to speak to a Supervisor to get additional information that she simply couldn't provide.. is this the kind of people that is hired to work for Merrill Lynch? She was not professional at all please listen to recorded tape.. something need to be done with that employee I will pursue this further.. worst experience I've ever had

Jun 04, 2018

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