Mercantile Adjustment Bureau / fraudulent collection attempts in NM

I got a strange call on my cell about a collection attempt against a business I used solely for debit card tracking purposes. I called them, concerned, because I had never had any loans, credit cards or anything on this account other than a debit card and cash account. They claimed Bank of America had turned this collection over to them. I replied that was ridiculous because I had closed that account a couple of months earlier, and BofA gave me back all the money that was in the account, and never mentioned I had an overdraft. They asked for a debit card number so they could pay the bill in full, since it was hurting my credit. I also had never gotten any letters about this so-called debt. I happened to be in my post office and found a badly addressed letter from them that the PO was going to return to sender. It stank of a fraud, so I took the letter into the bank, and they informed me it was a total scam. Nothing had ever occurred in my debit account to generate any collection action. These people are outrageous liars, and are predatory.

They knew I was an attorney, and probably figured I'd just pay the $348 rather than hurt my credit. Wrong! I'm reporting them to the NM Attorney General's office.

Don't let them bully you! You have the right to demand proof of any debt claimed that you owe, BEFORE PAYING IT. These guys were so insistent that I pay it right away, before any proof. When I asked for proof, the woman, Lisa, got extremely huffy.

Be warned.

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