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1246 Westwood Blvd.Westwood Los Angeles County, CA, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 310-801-5802

There is NO Valentino. There is NO Shaun, There is NO T.B. Shapiro., There is NO Leonardo., There is NO Michael., There is ONLY a persian ### named "Ashkan". NO ONE at this pathetic company is Italian, EVERY picture is fake on their site. They are simply dropshippers who have been repeatedly kicked off of Amazon and ebay and reformulate under different i.d.s. A fake better business bureau page will come up under search engine results as well. (Look at your URL address bar closely to see for yourself!). EVERY single suit is detagged so that its polyester material is sold as 100% wool.

This is an example of the highest internet fraud made possible by todays Ecommerce high paced business world.

DO NOT complain later after reading this. You have been warned.


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  11th of Nov, 2008
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They are running a very unethical business. The pictures and description of their suits on their website are totally wrong and their products are misrepresented. I bought a suit from them and they shipped me something totally different. The only thing in common was the color of the suit. When I contacted them, they agreed to give me the full refund. However, I found out later that they charged me 30% restocking fee. I had to pay for the shipping too. Don't buy from these crooks.
  14th of Nov, 2008
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I have had the same problem with this company. after some investigation, i found out who he really is. His name is Ashkan Mashhadian 1444 Wooster Avenue #7 Los Angeles, CA 90035.

i have a pending law suit against him which is being filed... what he is doing is fraud!
  4th of Dec, 2008
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  13th of Feb, 2009
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Worst company I have ever dealt with in my life. They the rudest most racist people I have ever dealt with. Supposeably I bought an Italian suit and got a piece of junk. When I returned it, they charged me a 25 percent restocking fee. This guy is unbelieveable. What has happened to Amercia that we have let such racist individuals in to our country. This guy should be sent to the firing squad.
  7th of Apr, 2009
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Men's USA - shoes
United States

I ordered a blue zoot suit and a matching fedora hat with blue snake skin shoes. i was charged $300 for this order total. I was excited to see that the package arrived early. When I opened the box I saw the suit. I saw the fedora hat. The shoes were not in there. I'd paid nearly $100 for the shoes alone. I tried contacting them on their web site and all they did was send me an email from UPS saying that the package was delivered. There was a package delivered but it did not contain everything I'd ordered and purchased.
  15th of Jul, 2009
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I completely disagree with this complaint and the comments posted here. I have been doing Business with Ashkan for 3 years. He is a very soft nature guy. I am surprised people complain about a person like him. To know about him you need to do Business with him i am sure you will not understand anything about him
  29th of Oct, 2009
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I can not believe the rudeness and false advertisement of this guy.

My wedding is in less than a week now. i ordered 3 suits from this company on October 19th, 2009 they were supposed to be at my house at October 23rd, 2009. The suits were for the Groomsmen We were told that we would receive them by Friday the 29th, . On Monday, October 26th, 2009 I called and was directed to speak with Warehouse Manager who told me that they didn't have 3 of the same suits. I had my groom call the Manager and we Ok'd the shipment as the differences were minuet. Yesterday, October 27th, I called and Jackson, very rudely, told me that the suits had been shipped and that I would receive a tracking number after midnight.

Tonight, I emailed Mens USA, as per their suggestion on their website, to inquire about the tracking. I was informed that they were out of the larger sizes of the suit we had ordered that I would need to pick something else. I called and spoke with Shaun who told me a manger would not be available until tomorrow. When I tried to discuss my situation with Shaun, he hung up on me. I then responded by email asking for a full refund and a call from their manager. I then received another email from Mens USA asking me if shimmery beige would be ok. I responded that shimmery beige would not match and it was not acceptable, that I would like a full refund.

The only reason we even went with this company in the first place, is we needed 2 plus sized suits and 1 regular sized and they advertised they had all the sizes we needed for the same looking suit for a bit less than other places we could find... Obviously less money because of the lack of quality of items and service.

Now I'm stuck with only 5 days to figure out where we can purchase 3 vintage suits that will match the groom.
  16th of Nov, 2009
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MensUSA is exactly as depicted: a crooked operation. What you receive in the mail is nothing near what is represented on their website and that is their scam. They think a certain percentage of the duped will not return their goods. I called to protest and request a refund and Askan hung up on me twice while advising me of a 30% then 20% re-stocking fee. Thanks to "Tim" and this complaints website for advising me to call your credit card company and file a dispute and return the goods, all in a timely fashion. I received full credit including the postage fee. This guy is everywhere. We need to apprise Amazon and all the other sites he shows up on how dishonest this guy is.
  6th of Jan, 2010
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It is a scam. I bought a suit from them when I visited LA a few weeks ago. They showed me a nice grey wool suit that looked good. It was a little full around the chest and they said they would be happy to alter it for me and also hem the pants. I agreed to pay $10 to have it shipped to me and paid the $349 price they asked because it really was a nice suit and I thought it was worth it although I had expected to buy a $199 suit as they advertise. Well, I got the suit. It is not the suit I ordered. It is a super cheap polyester and the wrong size with unhemmed pants.

I called and spoke to someone named Angelino Nardoni. He said "Yeah you got some problem." I explained the situation of receiving a suit that was a pice of junk and asked why they had not sent what I ordered. He said "We sent what you ordered." When I responded that they had not he laughed and said "Screw you dummy." and hung up.

Thankfully I paid with my Discovercard and when I called up to cancle the charge the Discover guy said "Oh, we know about them. Don't worry we'll take care of it."

Don't buy from these rip-off clowns.
  11th of Mar, 2010
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I wish I had read this before I placed an order with this company. I bought a suit online for my father and paid the extra fee to have it shipped 3 Day Select through UPS. They put the wrong address on the shipping label and now are telling me that I have to pay an extra $50 to get another one. I never got the FIRST one so why would I give them more money??!!!
Everytime I call it's the same person calling himself by different names. I asked that they ship a new suit overnight to replace the one that they shipped to the wrong address. The guy "Michael" said they couldn't do anything for me and then hung up on me.
My next step is to dispute the charge. They are seriously scummy.
  14th of Jul, 2011
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I should have read these reviews before placing my order. I live in Europe and ordered a suit and heard nothing for 2 months. Delivery to Europe can take time and processing through customs can add to that but this was too long. E-mailed Mensusa and they hadn't sent anything. They said that the suit was sold out even though it was still available on their website. I was offered the choice of an alternative but after that they were silent again. The result is that they have $250 of my money and I have nothing. Surprised to see that all positive reviews here are written by people who aren't native English speakers. Makes me wonder if they are not from the company itself. My first contact was however with a representative named Matthew Neavill so I do have a name to write on the reports and claims I am now processing.
  25th of Aug, 2011
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I have an attorney representing me in a possible class action against MensUSA. I have been frauded $650 by them for my wedding, which they have managed to ruin.

Please contact me or email the address below if you are interested in participating (at no cost to you). If you've complained before, please let us know the outcome.

Your time is much appreciated,
Thank you

  28th of Nov, 2011
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I agree with all the comments above. This company is a fraud. There is no Italian suit or 100% wool, there is only polyester. They have 0 inventory and they are simply drop shippers sending suit from a manufacturer so they have no control over anything. and you know what! they make FUN of all the customers that buy from them saying how stupid they are to buy suit from them. DO NOT BUY FROM THEM and if you can charge back your credit cards. That will ruin them.
  11th of Apr, 2012
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I am another who wishes she had read the reviews before ordering from mensusa.com. I placed an order on a Saturday, my credit card was charged twice on the following Tuesday(the day the order was supposedly sent). My bank said I needed to contact them first to get the extra charge reversed. I e-mailed the company, they told me that according to their computer, I was only charged once. I am still in the process of getting that money back. That's not the end of it. I never got a tracking number, so when I called the first time the man on the other line said he would look into it and I should be e-mailed the tracking number soon. One week, no tracking number. E-mailed them, no response. Called again. Said I'd have the number by the end of the day. Nope. Called again, put on hold right away. I hung up. Called again. Man that answered said he would look into it, put me on hold. Forty-five minutes later, nothing. I hung up. E-mailed them to cancel my order and refund my money. Apparently the suit was never sent in the first place.
  17th of Oct, 2013
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It is really tough to get high quality Suits at reasonable price. However, all my dilemmas came to an end when I went at the MensUSA shop. I found a huge variety of Suits that came in individual sizes, color and shape. This made things even easier for me. I was a bit frightened about the delivery portion. But I am very relieved for my purchase.You will surely not be frustrated when you are making your purchases from Mensusa. There is an extensive variety of suits and tuxedos available that will make a wonderful addition to your closet.
  21st of Oct, 2013
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Previous month I visited my elder brother's house for a birthday party where I found my brother wearing very superb suit with nice fittings, soft fabric and bright colors. I was just surprised because I required something like that but unfortunately I just missed it. Then after we had the dinner, I asked him where he bought the splendid collection. He replied MensUSA.com. I went to Yahoo! search to find it. I found a large collection of 3 Button Suits. Guess what? I bought my very own suit from Mensusa.com. Their delivery was really fast with respect to additional details like color, thread quality and overall fittings.
  22nd of Oct, 2013
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After being invited to my social party, I was thinking where to visit for the glam dress for the party. I was scanning a list of brochures and found MensUSA. Just wished into their store last week. I bought from mens usa the store had an elegant lighting right up in the front door. This time that same place was marked by the best clothes for this season. I tried some of them on and immediately found they were awesome and comfortable. It was a superb favorable among my friends. Mens usa redefined my personality impressive with their clothes. The party was a grand success and my outfit was really very stylish. Thanks MensUSA.
  23rd of Oct, 2013
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Hey Friend, I came to know about Mens Usa from a birthday party. The ones wearing their elegant dresses were saying about the fabric quality. So I thought about to pay a visit to their store. Starting up front I was greeted by a well dressed salesman who asked what my requirement was. I explained to him I was looking for 2 button suits. He immediately took me to their dress making center and I started trying out different designs. It was really awesome. The last time I made a purchase from MensUsa the store had an elegant lighting right up in the front door. This time that same place was marked by the exclusive suits for this season. I checked out some of them on and found they were elegant and comfortable. It was a big hit among my friends. Mens Usa redefined my persona with their smart clothes.
  24th of Oct, 2013
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It is really not that easy to get fantastic Suits at low-cost price. However, all my difficulties came to an end when I came across at the MensUSA store. I found a huge variety of Suits that came in different sizes, color and shape. This made things even easier for me. I was a bit concern about the delivery portion. But I am very satisfied for my purchase.You will surely not be dissatisfied when you are making your purchases from Mensusa. There is an extensive variety of suits and tuxedos available that will make a wonderful addition to your closet.
  25th of Oct, 2013
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Few days ago, I went to my friend’s house for a family reunion party and over there I heard about Mensusa shop with their splendid collection of suits, jackets, tuxedos and many more. There were fabulous design, soft fabric, elegant color and huge stock. I wanted a very gorgeous suit for my own wedding and here I am saving my cash to buy it. Isn’t that really cool? The clothes were dressy and comfortable. It was quite a big hit among my colleagues. To keep it short, MensUsa seriously recreated my personality with their glorious clothes. What else could I ask for? MensUsa provides a complete package for us.

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