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At any cost, stay clear from / These jokers claim that they are Italian. They are about as italian as saying a Ford automobile is assembled in Europe. They have literally ruined my wedding by canceling my order at the very last second. MY fault for trying to save a buck. NEVER again!

The westwood boulevard store is about as filthy and disgusting as any business i have ever seen. If you are from the Los Angeles area, the only thing comparable would be the Slauson Swap meet. The owner is a young Persian kid who is named Ashkan. As he screams at any customer entering the store salivating at the prospect of a sale, he WILL in fact, tell you to get lost if you didn't make an appointment or aren't 'buying'. As i have read on other threads within this forum, This is as about as accurate a description gets!

ALL suits sold are made of polyester, NONE are wool. All tags are cut out of each suit as to hide its true nature. The suits are purchased from Santee Alley Downtown Los Angeles, and are marked up drastically. This is also what is known as a Dropshipper company whereas each suit is shipped from a remote location. You are sent whatever suit matches closest to what you are looking for. You will NOT be getting the exact style number you are looking at! I have received THREE wrong suits from them before i turned to doing a CC chargeback and visited their location to confirm. NOTE: They are already in hotwater with their Merchant provider and will do absolutely anything to appease you at the point of you NOT doing a chargeback. Ask for shipping both ways to be refunded as well.

NO one in this company is who they say they are. NO michael, Valentino, Shawn, T.B Shapiro, Michael Anderson, Angelino etc... This company is already under investigation for its multiple personalities and ownership claims. The sole idiot in charge is a young Persian kid named 'Ashkan'. HE is the person you will want to talk to, and the one who authorized my refund. He is also the rude fellow who hangs up the phone in your face after insulting you. (goes by the name angelino, valentino AND shawn.) This ONE person is responsible for the mess you will get yourself into if you shop with these guys. If you call there, and they say that there is no 'Ashkan', they are simply lying to you. It has always amazed me at the middle eastern mentality on the fascination with wanting to 'be Italian'. They mimic their names, fashion, styles and prospect of trying to emulate them business-wise. When in fact, they are a self loathing bunch of ###ic dweebs who provide customer service similar to a mugging.

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  • Sk
      Mar 09, 2009

    I ordered a suit from these crooks march 1rst. I put a note with the order that I needed the suit immediately. They said on the 2nd that it was on the way and would be here in 3 days. I finally got a tracking number on the 5th that said it would be here on the 10th. One day after the day We are leaving to to a wedding. I called and asked if I could get My money back and was told no. I just gave away 175 dollars. Run away from these People.

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  • La
      Apr 17, 2012

    That very true I order a wedding party and all my party received diffent color
    suit didn't match at all
    I called back to let them know and all they did was
    Put me on hold for long time and jump me from person to person
    And need to do a charge back won't buy from there anymore bad place

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  • 2n
      Jul 08, 2016

    not sure yet, its Friday i ordered a suit last Saturday, i received a email stating they did not have the suit i wanted, i have paid already.the first suit i bought was last year, with no problem.i will give an update on how this purchase goes.the wedding is not for 4 weeks hmm i still have time..

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