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Menards / Bad Customer Service

2101 Miller Park WayWest Milwaukee, WI, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 414) 389-8981

We were building a deck and decided to go to the store a week ahead of time to order the wood. The order was printed out on a piece of paper for the clerk to enter and she did so - we went to the front of the store and paid. We had scheduled delivery for the following Sunday. When they came to deliver the boards this huge truck comes and drops off 20 20ft boards - I looked at the list that my stepfather had made for us and clear as day it says 20 10ft boards. The clerk had typed it incorrectly and we didn't notice because we of course she entered it correctly. We proceeded to call the store and speak to Mr. Jensen the manager and he told us it was totally our fault that we should have noticed before we paid for the order and that if we wanted him to come get the boards we would have to pay another $60. Keep in mind we live about 10 blocks from the store. My stepfather ended up bringing his boat over and we had to load them into that and take them back to the store.

I decided to let the corporate office know that there is a huge lack of customer service at the store and explained the story to them and I got an email back saying they didn't want to lose me as a customer and provided me with the phone number of the manager - who I had already talked to and who told me that the mixup was entirely our fault. So I proceeded to email back asking what they expected me to do. Attached is the resulting email trail.

thank you for your response, but at this point I now feel that your message is a little hollow being that Mr. Jensen is the one who was rude and apparently didn't care a thing about customer service. Now you're suggesting I call him to discuss this again? Why would I do that when he was so disrespectful the last time we talked? It's become apparent to me that Menards really doesn't care about their customers experiences. I'm truly sorry to hear that because as I stated before, we had been loyal customers.

This is the response I received from the store -


I’m sorry, but it would be your responsibility to make sure the order was correct.

Thank you


And here is my final response -


Obviously Menards knows nothing about Customer Service and cares very little for how they treat their customers. While I have stated that I take responsibility for not noticing the ERROR OF THE PERSON WHO ENTERED THE ORDER from a sheet of paper where it was quite clearly written out - I think the fact that the manager in no way would take any responsibility and work with us to get this taken care of is ridiculous. Instead he was going to charge us to come get the wood... what a joke. And what a joke your company and your customer service is. You just lost this customer and believe me, I will tell everyone that I ever talk to in this lifetime how horribly Menards treats it's customers. I will now go out of my way to Home Depot where they at least realize it's the customers that make their business possible.

The response I have received from the offices of this company is just further proof that they have no care for the customers that make their business possible.


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  5th of Oct, 2008
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Everyone would love to believe your story, but honestly many people in the world are not truthful. Thus making it not a smart business choice to give away the farm when you took the invoice through the register and paided for it. Do they have a truck you could of rented for less money the first time. Truck rental might have been easier if all you needed were ten foot boards. Twenty foot boards sounds more like an order needing a delivery truck. Sorry for your troubles.
  13th of Oct, 2008
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When is a good shopping day at Menards? The day they are closing the doors because Lowes and Home Depot have taken all of their business away.
  25th of Oct, 2008
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20 ten foot boards. Ten 20 foot boards. Covers the same square footage doesn't it? Cut the boards in half and you are there. Plus to make the job look really professional you trim the ends once installed. No loss to you, except the hassle of writting all those emails. I think the only error in customer service here is that they didn't suggest that you try cutting the twenty foot boards in half. I guess it was too obvious.
  28th of Apr, 2009
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Bottom line bad customer service. Good customer service is good customer service... In this gentleman's case this was definitely not! I have been in the service industry for years and the number one concern of any good company is repeat business. You NEVER blame the customer, or split hairs. You ask: "How can I help you." And then you do everything in your power to meet their needs. It simply doesn't matter if the customer was right or wrong...it all depends on what the customer perceives. Tell me those things couldn't be restocked and sold again????? If you don't want to be in the business of serving those who keep you open, you should simply close your doors.
  27th of Apr, 2011
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Agree. I have had multiple bad customer service experiences with Menards and the last time they refused to process a return. That was the last straw for me. I will never go back to Menards. I would pay much more at Home Depot or Lowes just so I don't have to go back to Menards. John Menard should be ashamed.
  6th of Jul, 2011
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if you have a complaint at menards, this is their help desk number that is such a "secret" 715-876-2636 enjoy
  21st of Oct, 2013
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I too had one of the worst experiences at menards on Clyde park in grand rapids, Michigan.
I went to menards to purchase garage doors for my home. I found a carriage style door that wad priced regularly at 489.00 on sale for 389.00. So I purchased them. They were a special order and they told me to expect them in 2 to 3 weeks. I asked my mother's boyfriend if he could help me pick them up when they came in. My mother then asked me if I received the 20 percent off the door because she said that menards ran an add for 20 percent off of ALL SPECIAL ORDER GARAGE DOORS. So I went back to menards and explained to them the situation. Customer service explained that the sale price I received was the twenty percent off. I said that does not make sense. I said the add said that the door wad on sale but if it was a special order door you would receive an additional percent off. She became very rude. So I could see I was gettin know here with her so I drove around to the back to pick up my doors and here is where it started to get ugly. We pulled up to the pick up area and began to search for the doors . Could not locate them. Finally I found some garage doors but they were up to high for me to reach them. There was no one in sight to help and we should there for a goo 25 min before anyone decided to come out. We yelled to him can you come and help us. He seemed annoyed to have to do so. He looked around for a good 15 min and said he could not locate them. I told him about the doors I saw up high but he did not bother to check them and said he needed to call a manager. 20 min later the manager came out and located the doors. They were the ones I told the guy about. So he went to get them. In the mean time, I told the manager about the sale. He said that the sale price of the doors wad the 20 percent off. I said that does not add up. If that was the percentage off the doors would been a different price. The sale add stated all garage doors. It did not say that it excluded sale prices. I said that the add was confusing. Another stock person came over to ask the manager a question and wad listening in to our conversation. He chimed in that's not how we do things here and that I wad in the wrong. I went to say something to him and he put his hand up to me and walked shaking hid head mumbling something. I looked st the manager and said wow, you have awesome customer service here. All he said wad sorry. So we finally were getting the doors loaded into the truck but we did not see the tracks that came with the doors. My mother simply asked the stock person if the tracks were in the boxes. He looked at my mom and rudely said we are getting to it hold on. I was fuming at this point. He brought oit the last box. It was all smashed up and broken on one end. I said how do we know that the track is not all bent up or pieces missing. He said if so to just come back and they will replace it. At this time I just wanted to get out of there. So we drove to the front gate. The person at the gate was checking our order. It was taking forever so my mother's boyfriend got out and asked what was the problem. The last box they loaded on the truck was for someone else's order. So we had to go back. Once again we waited for another good 15 min or so. The stock person was helping another customer who had been waiting almost as long as us. The stock guy walked past me 3 times before telling me he would be with me in a min. You would think he would at least stop and ask if something was wrong. So here comes another worker. He talked to the stock guy that was supposed to be getting right back to me. Apparently, he was there to relieve the stock guy. So the stock guy never came back to me and told the other guy that he wad going to lunch and he would be back in a while and walked away leaving me there unattended with the order that he loaded wrong. We finally were helped by someone else. After all was said and done we arrived at ten after six and did not leave till 7:45. An hour and a half just to load two doors. I don't usually like to complain so I was just going to let it go but I just couldn't so I called menards back. I know that I should have called sooner than when I did, which was a little over a week, but I just couldn't decide what to do. I talked to customer service again. And once again received no help. So I asked for the manager. Instead of placing me on hold she yelled over to the assistant manager that there was an angry customer on the phone. NICE. I told the manager I love being referred to as the "angry customer" and once again that was showing lack of customer service. She apologized. She listened to what I said and said she couldn't believe it and she placed me on hold to have the other manager on duty talk to me. I started to explain to him the issues I had and he cut me off and said let's deal with one thing at a time. He basically told me that I was in the wrong . I mis read the add and I did not have a problem with the price until my mother said something to me so he said I don't know what you expect me to do. He then said I will talk to the guys on duty and let them know that it was wrong how we were treated. At this point I was boiling so I said basically you are going to do nothing. He again said what are you suggesting. I said I feel as though I should be compensated for the way I was treated, the hours I wasted and for the way he was talking to me. He then replied if you think I am going to give you back anything that is not going to happen. I have had bad customer service before. Most of us have. But menards on Clyde park with Jim as there manager tops the cake. I told him that I will be calling the corporate office first thing Monday morning. He acted as if he could care less that a customer was not satisfied with the way things were handled at his business. What happened to companies being polite . Do companies no longer train workers on the right and wrong ways of handling problems. What sucks the most is there prices are really good. But I am not sure that outweighs being treated so badly. With the economy the way it is you would think they would bend over backwards to keep there customers happy. I guess the next sale I will be going to is there going out of business sale.
  10th of Sep, 2016
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Yes. Terrible customer service. I just had an aweful experience myself there and am glad to know everyone who does have similar experiences at Menards talks about it publicly and puts them out of business!
  19th of Nov, 2016
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As a former manager at Menards, i would like to inform everyone that the single most important part of our job and what is stressed the most is making the GUEST happy. Yes, we call everyone a guest and not a customer. We provide GUEST service, because we see each and every person that walks through the door as a guest to our store. Now everyone with a right mind knows damn well that they aren't perfect, and if you make a mistake with an order, or purchase an item that is non-refundable, then it doesn't mean you are ALWAYS right when you try to blame the business for enforcing their policy. Working in the customer service industry means having to listen to the same jokes, problems, and the "customer is always right" 24/7. Each and every retail store knows that their shoppers are the reason they receive a paycheck. What the shoppers do not understand, is that sticking by the policy and supporting the company that gave you a job is also okay to do. You walk into a store with a hammer you bought 90+ days ago and the hammer broke in half due to being used every single day... so you say "hey this is not okay, i need to return this because it didn't work right" NO! This is not how life works... the hammer is broken because you paid $10.00 for it and over used it and now its at the end of its use. THIS IS NORMAL and is not up to the company to take a loss because you decided the world owed you something. This is the mindset that people have, and its disappointing. The customer is not always right, the customer is 9 times out of 10 selfish and not truthful. It is the stores job to make sure that they cover their ### as well. Stop blaming the world and take some responsibility for your own actions people...

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