Melbourne ITUnable to register domain after taking payment. Will not refund.

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I paid Melbourne IT $300 for registering four premium domain names on the 24th of January, 2015. (Receipt numbers 3645716 and 3645711). My credit card was charged on the 27th of January. Its the 3rd of February today and though they've taken their payments, neither have they provisioned the domains to me NOR do they have the general courtesy to let me know there's a problem.

Forget general courtesy. I use their online support ticket to submit an enquiry and after four business days, some customer representative emails me telling me that I need to provide my personal details since I did not "email them from the registered email address". I sent them a support ticket from my online account wiith them while I was logged in - for Christ's sake. Well ... I send them the details and then ... no response.

I call them and after holding on for 1hour and 25 minutes (precisely) they pick up. The first thing the customer service rep asks me is for the PASSWORD to my account. Beat that. When I refused, politely telling them that that might be a security issue, they then take all my other personal details and tell me they'll get in touch with me in 2 business days. So far ... no response.

The ONLY reason I did business with them was because I knew they were in business with YAHOO SMALL BUSINESS. Looking at their deplorable customer service and also their total apathy towards returning a customers money - neither will I never do business with them any longer - BUT I will also not deal with Yahoo any longer. After all, you're known by the "company" you keep.

I'm trying to reach their customer service right now as I write this an its been 45 minutes already that I'm holding on. I'm going to politely ask them for a refund if and when they pick up. I'll keep this post updated with the outcome.

Any way I can take legal action against them? Nobody takes my money and then behaves like they're doing me a favour. They should be brought to task.

Melbourne IT
Melbourne IT

Feb 04, 2015
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      Aug 22, 2018

    I have been with Melbourne it since 2011. I just lost my domain name it because they said it expired .
    I have a copy of the payment record from my bank statement showing that I paid for my domain name. I went to contact them to make sure that I would get my payment in I couldn't find any of my information on my dashboard no previous payments over the years every year for walkease and I sent them numerous tickets period after doing research on my own I found that a company instead of Monica had picked it up in January of 2018 which this domain was paid for during that time I don't know how it happened I have sent more complaints to Melbourne it they still haven't gotten back to me. I have owned this domain name since I created it in 2005 it is my pet sitting business name it is my retirement I am beside myself I just don't know what to do

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