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Complaints & Reviews

Loss of domain

Melbourne it lost my domain name by failing to make my payment which they have admitted to. As part of a settlement agreement they offered to pay me 2, 000 American dollars in addition pay for 5 years and alternative domain name which they did.
When I received my wire transfer it was in Australian dollars. So they shorted me. I have contacted them on many numerous occasions and I've not heard word one. They also were supposed to refund me the payment that they failed to make on my behalf which they did but again in Australian dollars. I suffered a tremendous loss due to this loss of my branded domain name and this settlement was peanuts compared to the overall loss of a domain name I've owned since 2005 when I created it. I don't know what to do nobody wants to contact me I'm at a loss and I'm also very worried that I still have a domain name with this terrible company

Unable to register domain after taking payment. Will not refund.

I paid Melbourne IT $300 for registering four premium domain names on the 24th of January, 2015. (Receipt...

Scammed US$177.00 by using Melbourne IT's name.

Complaint board of melbourne, victoria, australia Montreal, canada July 10, 2014 Dear sirs, Cc...

failure to register domain

After waiting five years to purchase a specific domain crucial for my business, on December 27, 2013 at 8am it became available. As I use the hosting services of Melbourne IT through Inmotion Hosting here in the U.S. and have several other domains registered there as well as them providing my website hosting, I purchased the domain online and at 8:07am called Inmotion Hosting to confirm I was now the registered owner of the domain, and was required to confirm my credit card number. Before hanging up, the Inmotion Hosting representative confirmed I had in fact purchased the domain and was now the registered owner and that I would be receiving an email confirmation which in fact arrived at 8:15am same morning. Several weeks later with the assistance of Inmotion Hosting's technical department, I was in my amp trying to get the new domain set up in wordpress so I could go live with it. In my AMP (account management panel) this domain clearly shows under my account. After some difficulty due to technical problems on the part of Inmotion Hosting and multiple holds on the phone, I finally linked the domain to wordpress in my cpanel and when I went to the url, the page would not come up. The Inmotion Hosting technician assisting me got real funny, said that on whois it showed the account with GoDaddy, but chose not to tell me the rest of what he saw - because it was proof that Inmotion Hosting and/or Melbourne IT royally screwed up, had been negligent and had not registered me as the owner of the domain, despite multiple confirmations to me verbally and in writing to this effect. I was forced to file a "report" ticket to support, but this was only to buy Inmotion Hosting and Melbourne IT time. They have had time to respond, but have failed to do so. After I filed the report ticket, I went to Whois to discover that not only was the domain registered through GoDaddy, but that after it was confirmed repeatedly to me that I owned the domain, the purchase confirmed, a third party, a competitor of my company, had come after me and purchased the domain. This kind of negligence and major screw up is not acceptable. Inmotion Hosting and Melbourne IT have harmed my business!

Won't Release Codes to Customoers to Transfer Domains

Yahoo domains: read this before you register a domain name with Yahoo Yahoo! has a service called Yahoo!...

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