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I enrolled with Melaleuca on 1-7-2012 and because I am still new I like to search the Internet for all the information that I can find regarding this company. I am amazed at the amount of incorrect information and blatant lies that are posted on here. I am 100% happy and thrilled to be a customer and business builder with Melaleuca.

Although I have only been with the company a little over two months I have ordered numerous times and love their products and have also made a decent amount of money for the hours I have put in! I would also like to note that the prices are fair and even cheaper than name brand products they do not work half as well in most cases.

Melaleuca is upfront on all the details of becoming a customer and/or business builder. You receive all of the facts during the overview, follow up email with attached slides of overview and in the agreement that you sign to enroll.

Melaleuca is not an MLM nor is it a pyramid scheme. I will say that I can see how one might consider it a pyramid like shape but in reality all business are and for a good reason. Pyramids are the strongest structure dating back to Egyptian times. If you look at Walmart from the CEO down to the door greeter - pyramid!

As for the claim that orders are shipped without notice that is a complete lie. When you sign up you are told your options and back up orders are explained to you.

Also when you sign up with Melaleuca you are not under any contract and can cancel at any time following the simple and detailed steps that are given to you on day one.

Melaleuca stands behind all of their products with a 100% satisfaction empty bottle refund policy.

There are more truths that need to be added here but it would take many pages to address all of the incorrect information listed in the complaints on this site.

If you would additional information on Melaleuca or think that I might be able to assist you with a problem you are having please feel free to contact me at [protected]. I would be happy to help and correct any misconceptions regarding Melaleuca.

Regardless of the income that is possible with this company I will always be a customer due to their amazing products and what they have done for the health of my family.

P.S. Melaleuca has been in business for 25 yrs with a A BBB rating, 95 percent customer reorder rate and that would just not be possible if all of the complaints on here where true. I would advise that you research a company using reputable sites such as the BBB and other watchdog groups vs. complaint boards as you cannot please all of the people all of the time.

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  • Cm
      31st of Mar, 2012

    You are in for big surprises, check out how this company goes after thier own people in court.The actual court documents are a matter of public record, Good news is that they lost .This company is a very BAD company to get involved with.Here in Chicago. the high level directors are sending thier downlines to the malls to solicit people, telling them they are doing a photo shoot under a false name, they have them come to thier location due a makeover, take a photo and then try to sign them up for a 65.00 monthly commitment.Soliciting in a mall is Illegal. They were thrown out of a flea market for doing the same thing told they woul have to buy a table like everyone else .(40.00) a cost you would think they could afford if they were successful. After being removed they continued to solicit out in front and again needed to be told you can not do this or be arrested.Thier game is over now because all malls have been given thier names and game.And yes Corporate is aware of this and did nothing.This is a very dangerou company to get involved with.There are many excellant products made pure without the unprofessional, unethical nonsense to deal with . anyone wants to get into companies that act like this shows they are lacking morals and decency themselves.

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  • Hy
      22nd of May, 2012

    cmarkie, please don't judge the company by a few unscrupulous people. You will find that in any company. Everything that Janet Smith said is true. The products are terrific, and most people who sign up do so to get the products, not necessarily to have a home-based business. Those who do wish to pursue the business have lots of opportunity to work with others in the company and, even if you only enroll a few people, you will earn a few extra dollars. The compensation plan is well spelled out in the presentation materials, and it's not touted as a get-rich-quick scheme.
    Please don't let the actions of a few bad apples spoil your opinion of the Melaleuca company. It is a solid company that did over $1 billion in sales in 2011 and is on track to do even better this year. I understand that this is a complaints website, but most of the comments about Melaleuca are probably unfounded or based on a misunderstanding of the business or its policies.

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  • Cm
      28th of May, 2012

    The information I stated are true facts, I would never take the time to write unless it was worthy of reporting. Thier business ethics are less than unprofessional .I actually called the vice president of Melaleuca, our converstion lasted over an hour so my complaints were valid enough for him to hear. The law suits this company has filed against its own are a matter of record. These are not opinions these are real court documents .Also, because of thier own greed IRS is now looking into this company. Your sales figure is not accurate, they state those are thr figures they are not accurate, all of this is a matter of record, only some people are not interested in the truth or facts and defend with a great deal of ignorance.Also, I have a business degree so misunderstanding was not the issue nor was it an issue for the Legal system.I hardly think IRS would be looking into this if it was unfounded.You assume without carefully checking the facts.Multi level Busineses love poeple that ignore the facts.

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  • Ta
      4th of Jun, 2012

    Well said, cmarkie. This company relies on naive people who ignorantly do no research before being talked into joining. And, their products ARE way over priced. Tea tree oil alone can be purchased anywhere at $3-4.00 for a 2 oz. bottle. They ask 3 times that for a 1 oz. bottle. This company was created by selling this "Cure All Oil" as if they invented it. Extreme dishonesty, extremely unethical. They soon accumulated hundreds of other products which they mark up so they can pay downlines pennies on the dollar.

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  • Ta
      4th of Jun, 2012

    For those members who've never had an issue, of course you are satisfied! Why wouldn't you be? But you are kidding yourself to think products are not over priced.. Do the math. How do you think a company can pay a downline on product purchases without them costing a lot more than retail outlets? As long as a member follows their corporate B.S. rules, naturally all is well. My experience was that I had to cancel my bank card due to them debiting it. NO MATTER THAT IT WAS WRONG, EVEN ILLEGAL that they kept shipping and charging long after membership was cancelled. What is a member to do? Call my local District Attorney?? The internet police?? This company gets away with totally disregarding people, once they need to quit for whatever reason. It is the company who is unethical, not the naive individuals who sucker into it.

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  • Ic
      1st of Apr, 2013

    Takeannomore and cmarkie, I just want to point out to both of you that it is you that are clearly not well informed. I am not sure why you had to cancel your bank card when you could have simply sent a written notice to suspend your account. I have been with this company for about 5 month and in that time, I try to stay away from people like yourself. The cancellation process is very well explained and I still get idiots not understanding that you have to order EVERY month if not you get a backup order. It's not rocket science. If you do not want to order cancel your account before the 25th. This policy is very clear to me and every customer of mine that were enrolled and cancelled the right way never have further issues with billing. When you complain about a company, be fair to fault the person that enrolled you because they misinformed you. I googled the company and the complaints I read were all the same, the issue is that people these days do not want to read nor listen when information is being given.

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  • Cm
      6th of Apr, 2013

    As I said, Companies are looking for naïve people. Five months is nothing. Wait and see. I would also like to mention I dealt with the Corp office, the VP actually. This is an unethical company and as a prior comment said, how in the world do they pay their people other than over pricing? People are naïve, sadly enough it is the decline of our country now, people think a President that keeps printing money when we are in debt which has caused Americas credit rating to fall twice is a good pick. Unfortunate but people are stuck in stupid these days!!!

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  • La
      7th of Nov, 2015

    so why this company last for 30 years?

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  • Do
      8th of Aug, 2016

    People who complain, after the fact, are the people who didn't do well trying to build a business. The very first day that I spoke with someone about being a customer, they explained everything to me. The people here are trying to ruin the business because they did not meet their own expectations. When I hung up the phone, day one, I AGREED to a monthly purchase. If you WANT to be a preferred customer you CHOSE to sign up for a monthly purchase. If you don't like the idea of a monthly purchase, end the call when they tell you there will be one if you want the lower prices. Don't say yes, and then complain later! When you AGREE to be a preferred customer, the reason you are getting preferred customer prices is because YOU have made a COMMITMENT to order each month in return for better prices. If you have not canceled and you have not ordered, a back up order will be mailed to you and charged to your account- because you have committed to ordering EVERY month until you cancel. It was your decision to make. When you become a customer and place your very first order the company asks you to please repeat to them what you understand about the back up order. YOU need to repeat for them that you KNOW you will receive a back up order if you do not cancel and do not order, and you WILL be charged for it. THEN YOU CHOOSE WHICH BACK UP PACKAGE YOU PREFER. There is literally no way that you can get through signing up for a membership without knowing exactly what you are agreeing to. Then, later, when you have not done all that well at your business, you cry foul. You come to sites like this and try to ruin the company name for the people who are doing very well at the business side of things. It is so unfair.

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  • Jo
      21st of Mar, 2017

    Many members of our family have used these products for years and are very happy with them. One of our freinds wanted to cancel his account and sent a fax and was done the same day. I find the comments made by some here very unusual. They have always treated us well. Seems like a lot of wining going on here...sad

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