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Mega Life Beach Street United Health Care / fraud

1 Richmond Hills, Texas, 761829151 Grapevine Highway, TX, United States Review updated:

1) Unfair denials of coverage, and failure to explain coverage limits and exclusions
2) Unclear and accurate information.
3) Choices that leave consumers exposed to financial ruin should not be part of the end sales process.
4) I was told that the policy was' just like Blue Cross and Blue Shield'. It would 'cover everything the SAME'!
5) I was never sent a 'handbook' from any of these insurance Companies.
6) Unable to cancell policy at will
I live in Florida. At the time I was admitted to the Hospital
I was a full time student at Palm Beach Community College, prior to my illness. I had contacted PBCC to see if they had an insurance policy for the students.I had felt confident in PBCC so I bought the Policy described.
I was admitted to hospital on 3-4-07. I will always remember that Sunday.
I was diagnosed with Gullian Bare within 1 day of admission. I spent a lot of time in the cardiac care unit as well as ICU. I really thought I was not going to make it.
I had a health insurance policy with Mega Life and Health. This company has not helped insure my health at all. I am sorry they misled me into buying it. My father thought he was helping me by paying for the policy in full. In fact it has only made the situation worse.
By the 4th day of admission the pain I had felt was so bad I just wanted to die. I do not mean that in the literal sense. I had wished and prayed for death.

I was paralyzed by this disease.It started from the tip of my toes, then it climbed up to my face and eyes. It also paralyzed everything inbetween. It also effected my Vega nerve. There was no movement but incredible pain. The myelin sheath that covered my nerve endings were beginning to unravel. I had begged for a pain management doctor. My Father had tried to contact everyone that he could to help. He even offered to pay cash for a doctor to perform the service.

At this time we were informed about the poor quality of health insurance coverage that I had with Mega life. My father tried to cancel the policy with Mega life, but was told he could not. There is not a cancellation clause, unless you are dead or in the military.It had taken 4 days to get help through the hospitals process for pain management. For 4 days I went through such unbearable pain and suffering. By the way, during the healing process of the myelin sheathing returning to my nerve endings the pain was just as bad if not worse.
The last 3 weeks of my hospital stay I had been at the Cornell Rehab unit at Bethesda. I was told that once I left Cornell Rehab that I would not qualify for any additional medical or rehab benefits. This was due to Mega Life denying coverage. But I had no other choice. I was told that I was well enough to leave, but not well enough to carry on with my life. The Mega Life Insurance Company had again denied all future rehab and pain management.

I have tried to continue with my own rehabilitation program. I cannot afford the out of pocket expense for physical therapy in a traditional sense. I had received Chiropractic care once I left the hospital but Mega Life Denied these claims as well. This was even after I called to confirm that I was covered for such treatment.They said you need to be in the hospital post BACK surgury to have this benifit! I had tried again to discontinue the relationship with Mega health Insurance.I was told only if I died or joined the Armed Services!

I have received in excess of over $310, 000.00 of medical bills from various Doctors and affiliated health care professionals associated with the progress of my healing, as well as The Memorial Hospital.
I am currently still in the healing process. I still have limited mobility in both my feet and legs. I am also still in pain. I have tried to proceed with my education plans. I am trying to go back to school.
The recovery time I need to rest again is overwhelming.

I have requested help with this enormous debt from Memorial Hospital. After filling out the Charity form they supplied to me they agreed to help. They wrote off about $130, 000.00 of my medical debt. This was a relief.

At this time I have tried to contact all of the companies and agencies that send bills to me. I just do not have a way to pay off these bills. Some agencies have offered to discount the entire bill.
I have requested that Mega life and Health review all of the claims that they denied. Today was my second request. They still denied all of the claims.There are six companies involved: Mega Life and Health, Beech Street, United Health Care, Health Markets, ASCA Insurance to Students Plan, Chesapeake Health Insurance. Is there is a way to figure out who is who?

Boynton Beach, Florida

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  • An
      25th of Jul, 2009
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    I agree with Rgsouthflorida. All Student Health Insurance Programs are useless and a waste of money. It would be better if uninsured than to have a health insurance program that will not cover you in a time of an emergency and is a hassle to deal with when something goes wrong.

    Major health insurance companies (like Blue Cross and Humana One) needs to offer affordable insurance that cost no more than $600 a year with no deductibles. College students cannot afford health insurance because after they pay for tuition, books, student fees and personal expenses such as food and gasoline, students cannot afford a health insurance plan from a major insurance plan and the only option available is from a no name insurance company that no health clinic or medical center takes.

    I believe hospitals and clinics need to accept student insurance no matter who it’s from. After all, students cannot afford major company insurance and getting co-pay from their parents can cost over $800 a month. What Rgsouthflorida went through no student should have to go through with their student insurance program because students face enough problems as a student and dealing with medical problems is not an issues students want to face.

  • Ma
      29th of Aug, 2009
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    Rgsouthflorida, I also had a terrible experience with Mega and would never recommend them to anyone. I can't believe I signed up with them, based on someone's recommendation. The sales rep will tell you anything at all to get you to sign. She told me I had the "Cadillac" of insurance plans. And then when I was hospitalized, they denied almost everything, about $30, 000 in claims. The only reason I got 80 percent of it paid was the original sales rep became an executive of the company (she was so good at convincing people like me to sign up) actually approved the claims. One of the best days was the day I wrote them to cancel, three years ago. What a nightmare this company is. My advice is to avoid them like the plague. Hope you're feeling better Rgsouthflorida.

    Avoid: MEGA

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