Meaningful Beauty / lies

Daly City, CA, United States

I do not recomend this monstrousity to anyone. I ordered the product and was told that I would only be charged $70 after she took my card info she stated I was going to be chared $70 plus $49 for the next two months, I told her she did not tell me that and she became even more nastier and denied she ever said it would only be $70, so she asked me if I wanted the lesser package of $50 I greed but asked her if she charged me the $70 she again very nasty said she did not charge me so it ends up she charged me for both, I asked for her name employee number and telephone number she mentioned she did not want me calling back to complain about her so she gave me a number that turns out to be an STD tests ordering line. When I have tried to contact them about it they said they have no way of tracing who placed the order ODD? It is like they are all in some sort of conspiracy together and covering up for one another, one girl told me that if I would like to speak to her manager, then said he was not there and that he would call me back but never did. I still have two charges that I am not happy with, I honestly only bought it because the girl from ncsi came on so I thought it might be a good idea I watch the show...I have to go through a lot to make money it is not right for these people to have orders or to take like that or even treat you like a piece of S*^@. I had one of the worst experinces in my life, and I still have to deal with trying to get my money back in full.. I really do not recomend this product to anyone..I should just try to find a melon lotion somewhere else

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