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I should have done my research before I ordered this product. After I saw the number of complaints I called them back and tried to cancel the order I JUST placed hours before. The lady told me I had to wait until I got the package in the mail to cancel the order, even though they hadn't even shipped it yet! I told her I didn't want to have to deal with returning a package (and getting proof I returned it, per her suggestion) and it didn't make sense that they would even ship out a product they KNEW I didn't want! She just said there was nothing she could do. Total ###. This company is ridiculous. I only hope I am able to cancel my order before they keep charging my card like they did to so many of you...

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      Jun 14, 2011

    I'm surprised Guthy-Renker sent our family an email to get this since we're Pro-Activ users. Rodan & Fields, the co-cretaors of Pro-Activ have their own unbelievable Anti-Age line appropriately named so & is the first thing I've ever tried that actually erased my furrow between my eyes that made me look like I was scowling all the time.It's honestly not there at all & the self confidence I gained from not looking mad all the time was an unexpected bonus. I use this religiously now along with their AMP MD Systm a cool roller that helps your skin make it's OWN collagen the real secret to not having wrinkles. I buy mine from It's pricey but worth every cent & they offer live nurse support to answer questions your consultant may not be able to in addition to a no hassle 60 day $ back guarantee. You should check it out I wish I could bathe in the stuff! Hope this helps, good luck! Great Skin Mama

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  • I HATE THIS COMPANY!!! They took out 134.48 dollars out of my account without my permission. I had already closed my account before they took the money out...When I called them to see why I was charged and to tell them I had already cancelled and closed my account, they said I had three other open accounts??? I told them I didn't want the products they had charged me for and I was told I had to wait until I received the packages, refuse them and then wait to get my money back. It took 6 weeks to get a refund. And they kept 27.93 in shipping costs...I cancelled my debit card to ensure that I wouldn't get charged anymore...And to top it all off yesterday I got a bill from them saying that I owed them 93 dollars and my account was past due!!! I closed it you idiots!!! Leave me alone!!! VERY VERY VERY UNSATISFIED CUSTOMER!!!

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      Feb 09, 2016

    I so agree!!! I have been trying to get money back for 2 shipments I don't want. Come on now... we can ALL get together and start a class action suit for repayment, damages and loss. Shouldn't have gotten it to begin with... After I returned my 2nd shipment, they billed me for yet another, knowing they were doing wrong. I want my refund and am tired of begging for my money.

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