MDG Computers Canada Inc. / I signed a contract with mdg they in return will not give me my product after they took my money


Date 08/20/2018... I purchased 2 items with mdg I fulled the required down return the said after they took my money someone will contact me when shipping will occure 4days gone by and nothing I called after being put on hold for 10 mins and phone just gone dead iv been miss treat by this company and lied to... When I got a hold of someone.. They said we are not giving you the product or honoring the new contract. You owed us money from 2008. They said.. I file bankrupsy a yr later cause of x comminlaw took house car and had to pay out bills out of my controll it was hard.. I puy company in bankrupys mdg.. When I filed for credit again to build on they said yes..6 down payments and we will ship you your product ok I said great... They in return lied on the agreement I believe from the begining.. I was misled and lied to and sighed a new contract..

  • Updated by james kieley, Oct 25, 2018

    they are not responding to my calls..or honouring the new contract

Oct 25, 2018

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