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There's a day that I went to the maybank with my mother. We want to open new account for men my mother. But the problem is they don't use book account anymore, they are starting to use card for all installment. The problem is young people know how to use card service but unfortunately for older people, they seem don't quite understand how to use it and always faces the problems of forgetting their own password. For example, when I in the maybank, there is an old lady complaint that she has forget her password even though she has change her password after facing the same problems a week before that in my opinion, I still prefer using the book account cause I can know the balance of my saving, the transfer out money that I have made and so on. Beside that, I don't have internet at my house which make is difficult to check my account through the online website service and I think they are many people facing the same situation like me. What I want to say is they should not have stop using the book account service instead of using the card alone, they should provide it together in order to satisfied the needs of their customer.

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  • Le
      Sep 11, 2009

    i am very very angry!!! why got a such staff like that?!!
    the location in BINTULU, Medan Raya..Sarawak's branch..
    The staff name is Connie Chung..a chinese girl..
    why she can divulge any information or materials relating to personal privacy..i mean she divulge my account privacy to my friends..such a staff who is dont have any Work ethic!!!
    i hope Maybank can resolve the problem soon..thanks..

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  • Le
      Sep 11, 2009

    ok..another things..i wan to ask about..could that staff can online to do their things in working times? i mean Connie Chung (Medan Raya, Bintulu Branch) is online during working times..Ex: sign in in facebook and msn..
    How she can be concentrate in office at the same time she do her own job when online??? i hope this poor service wont appear again in Maybank, Bintulu..Thanks...

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  • Qu
      Jul 30, 2013

    nobody answer the phone call.i already call more than 10times. really bad service

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