Maxis Communications / zerolution plan iphone 7 plus, feeling cheated by maxis

kepong, MY
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Before I left Maxis and port to another Telco, I already assured with your staffs that I cleared all the outstanding balance. If I didn't do so, Celcom won't accept me as new customer either. Then your system started the drama and told me I still have outstanding balance. Was that supposed to be my fault??? Please acknowledge that it was the mistake of your freaking unprofessional staffs. And then? To get this new phone and sign up this plan, I cleared all the outstanding balance as you requested, (a payment that i don't even know what is it for). But why do I still need to wait another 3 months to get the new phone? If I can't get it immediately, what for I sign up your plan now? And then you started all the drama again, about the procedure, trace my payment history and all. Okay, so be it. In fact, the problem between me and Celcom is none of your business and if you are interested to know, as I explained many times earlier, the delayed payment was due to inefficiency of Celcom failing to inform me about the bill. I have so many monthly installments, that's why I need the bills to be sent to me but I received no bill at all for that particular month. The following month when they asked for the payment, their staff even apologised to me for being late. So why does the blame go to me after all when a company fails inform me about my outstanding balance? I have no intention to delay the payment at all. Everyone knows that Chinese is loaded during Chinese New Year. There's no reason that I don't pay, UNLESS THE COMPANY DIDN'T INFORM ME SO. Anyway, It's not like I still owe them money. I've cleared everything. If u insist to not give me the phone, you are ridiculous. You wanna win a customer or lose a customer. Three ####ing months?You are giving me time to rethink my decision. I can even port to another Telco. You're not the only option after all. I called your customer service, sincerely wanting to be your customer, but they are good at playing "please go to the service centre" game and talked to me in all the impolite ways they could. Being rude is how your staffs are trained for? If I have to go to service centre for every matter, why do u pay your customer service stuffs? Just make an official voicemail then. I used to have an issue with you back then. I called the customer service, same thing happened. Same treatment given to me and no improvement even until now. I'm ####ing disappointed. At last, I made a complaint then your superior and other staffs started to solve my problem. Is it every single time you want to push your customer until they get mad and make complaint then only you guys will resolve the problem? Be professional please. Solve my problem NOW.

Apr 02, 2017

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