Maxis Communicationsservice of maxis sunway branch and the branch manager azxxa

Date: 30 Apr 2017
Time: around 12:00noon

I wish to make a complaint to MAXIS sunway branch that handle my request for change the SIM card from Micro SIM to Nano SIM Card. As I do not want to cut the card by my self so I went there just simply change a new card (If I know the problem that I going to face I would prefer to do it myself). my queue number is 5273. A staff (name as A) attend to me immediately, and handle my request. After she confirm that my handphone number was register under my company (I am the director and have 4 company lines with Maxis), she said, in order to change it, they will require letter from the company. I explained that it is just change the form of SIM card and not the number, even I can cut the card by myself why need letter from the company? and I am the company owner. wasn't that enough? She checked with someone behind (I assumed is the branch manager Noor Azxxa). Then she come back and asked me to take out the existing SIM card. I curious about it but still remain corporative, take some time to switch off my handphone and take our my sim card and pass to her.

Now problem come. As soon as she took my sim card, she said cannot do now and require a letter from the company. I then questioned her if the answer was the same (she even did not check my SIM card), what the point to ask me to remove the SIM card from my handphone. She could not answer and the branch manager come with unpleasant face and said they cannot proceed as the line was register under the company.

I question her the same thing - why ask me to remove the SIM card from the hand phone if the answer is confirm no - I really cannot relate between these as they have my IC recorded, key in to the system and know all the info already. She said she try to help me and I answered no, you offer me no additional help by ask me to remove my SIM card further!!

She then approach me aggressively, ask me to calm down, try to use her hand to push me backward and call the security guard to block me. I asked them to back off and they do not listen, and keep pressure me toward the corner.

I have no choice by to take photos of all of them and ask them to let me go as my handphone was left at the service kiosk. Then only they leave a way for me to pass over. The branch manger keep asking me do I need her name and she will give if I want. I say yes and she brought me to the reception and asked my name - what the silly action again!! She said she need my name if I want her name, I nearly want to burst out as I now totally realise that I am talking to a liar. She have all my info in the computer and still want to ask my name.

Totally disappointed. Finally, she gave me her name as I insist her to keep her promise.

May I know anything that I can do about this poor service attitude and aggressive move. I never face s situation whereby a service industry personal try to surround me and do something bad toward me!

I then went to DIGI (another service provider) doing the same change for my digi number and done in 3 minutes smoothly !! I further confirm with them over the same situation, and they said if the line is registered under the company, and I am the owner, they also just need IC only as the director name will appear on the screen. And what important is: they do not need me to remove the SIM card to verify!!

My desirable solution? no. Just wish to get away from the company's sick culture and would not renew any package with them!

Apr 30, 2017

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