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I am a very old customer of maxis. (10years)
But recently I felt I was cheated and punished for some body's mistakes.
When I walk in to sunray pyramid maxis centre to change my data plan. I was told that I can take Huawei P20 with a monthly commitment of 188 plan. The worker at the counter told me that my home fibre will get free upgradion from 10mps to 30mps FREE.
I TOLD HER I didn't want to involve home fibre. She didn't explain to me it will come under contract as well.

Later I knew that my home fibre has new charges.

For ur kind information I applied my home fibre to be fixed in my new residence at usj 6 (teachers quarters) maxis said it can't be done cos not enough pot.

Now I want to terminate my home fibre but I was asked to
1. Pay rm 1400 or
2. Add another number as subline

I feel fed up and cheated.

The worse part is I went to subway pyramid maxis centre 3 days. Every time they ask me to bring new documents.
First day they told me to bring the device
Then the confirmation letter
Then ask me to bring another number as my subline. OMG. AND THE Officer got guts to say I don't pay anything for phone.

I think this is clearly cheating and humiliating.

What shall I do.

Aug 01, 2018

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