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Maxis Communications / maxis home fiber

1 Maxis CS The Gardens, Malaysia

I write to complain about the bad service of staff in the outlet. So recently I lodged a report my my maxis home fiber having a problem. I called the customer service and they passed my call to the technician department.. The technician told me about something that the problem will be sent within 40hours.. After a day wifi i've called again and told them about the issue... At that time they only say that they're gonna put my problem status urgent... After not long I received a phone call again telling me that the earliest appointment date will be 13/2/2019 (after cny) where I lodged my report 1/2/2019. I asked whether they can send a technician on monday or cny time as my issue is very urgent due to I nid the wifi to get my homework done... And they said that their technician wouldn't be around... My question is dun you guys have any stand by technician to fix this kind of problem during such urgent season??? So you are telling me I wouldn't have wifi throughout the whole cny festival (more than a week).. So I say fine I will take the appointment date first as the lady told me that if I dun take the date others will and will postpone my appointment to even further date... I ask whether there's a time slot at 4pm as there wont be anyone at home before 4pm since my family members and I nid to go to school and work. The lady replied me saying no our technicians only work until 2pm... For the first time I heard technicians work until 2pm when my maxis home fiber installation technician came to my house at 6pm that time... Is this a joke?? Another day went by, I went to maxis centre at the gardens to ask and report again... My ticket is one number away from the current serving number... But I still waited for almost 30mins or more... Finally it's my turn I sat down and talk to one of the female staff... I asked whether they have a temporary solution for my case and she said she will seek help from her boss or manager... I waited for almost 5 mins another staff came and ask whether I can sit back to the waiting area and wait while he serve another customer... Excuse me so I didnt waited long enough??? He told me he will get back to me asap so I went back... After another 5 mins the female staff came back and told me that she have a solution is that she give me a sim card with data and I will have to pay for it when I use... She will also deduct my wifi bill according to how many days I dun have wifi... I asked her... This isnt my problem... It is it company's I pay on time for my wifi every month and now my wifi broke down and u still want me to pay... She answered because u are using our sim card so its buying a service u have to pay extra.. I was like (I didnt say it out to her face) me paying for all the wifi bill am I not buying ur service and u still talk to me like I pay and I have to bare all this trouble??? And then she ask whether I m the account holder I say no I m representing my father... But every bill and stuff are sent to me guess what she said... She said I pay the bills for my mother too (in chinese and with a very impatient tune) oh woah is that how u talk to ur customer... She say of you really want the sim card today I can do for you but u have to pay full first and I will return the balance for you when u bring along ur father to return the sim... At that time I was so pissed and I say nvm I will come back tmr with my father and will discuss with him... She then tell me I wont be around tmr... Excuse me??!! Are you thinking that ur the only staff in maxis... I was so unhappy and I left... I felt like my consumer rights is exploited... I pay for services that I want and I still get this kind of attitude, service and troubles??? This is not even what u call customer service... Totally nonsense... Very disappointed

Feb 3, 2019

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