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My wife had C-section delivery of daughter last week here, and I am yet to comment on the post-delivery care for mother.
However about the way entire scenario is handled is commendable. We had elective C-section due to not-optimum positioning of baby in last US scan, I read review of different hospitals in gurgaon and asked around, also backed by the fact that my doctor was also working for Max I chose to do pre-admission (to avoid last minute rush/paperwork) couple of days in advance, which was Rs 5k, which duly got adjusted in final bill.
As advised by our doctor, We visited hospital at 7 in morning, and it took less than 5 minutes to allot the room and within 15 minutes nurses came to prep my wife for operation. (we visited Anesthesist a day prior for any last minute glitches like allergies or physical conditions preventing a smooth operation, which also served well since my wife had minor cough, due to which Anesthesist directed nurses to use nebulizer prior to operation to clear any phelgum since coughing with post-op stitches could be mighty painful)

We have 4 year old daughter already who chose to accompany us in the hospital, though hospital rules are against it (child/old person/preg lady are highly suseptible to get infection), our doctor gave special permission since we are nuclear family and I cannot leave my wife or child alone. And by God’s grace my child didn’t catch any infection since hospital rooms are very clean.

My wife was in and out of OT in 1 hour, little dizzy due to anesthesia (which I must say wasn’t applied properly since my wife complaint to me about anesthesia poking the needle thrice before getting it right, and please don’t take this lightly since epidural is very big needle and can be mightly painful if not don’t properly), other than this the operation, the doctors, baby care, emunization, doctors visit and their attitude towards patient and attendant is super.

I went through insurance (TPA) for which they have very smooth operations and small area designated who co-operate with their billing/discharge area and I never had to worry. infact I got a call in hospital room when final clearance from insurance company came (i was expecting to run behind them to get my Clarence and bill handling)

I wish to edit this post and add more value for other users to read through and take an educated decision for their needs. till then... Best of life

Apr 15, 2013

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