Mavis Discount Tireverbal assault

On July 26, 2018 my daughter and I arrived at Mavis on Broadway in the Bronx at approximately 7:40am. There was a line of 2 cars and we were the 3rd. As the store opened and the 2 cars ahead of us proceeded into the shop (first 2 made it in, the vehicles were driven by men. As it was my turn to enter, a man standing near the entrance says, "I was here before you, " I said, I was 3rd in line (he's parked on the street, not in line and never said anything to the 2 male drivers) I agreed to move, as I backed up this guy became enraged and said, "you better move because if you don't there will be a scene!" With that, I decided to just go into the shop! The manager nor ANY employee intervened while this man yelled and cursed at me the ENTIRE time I waited for my oil change! My daughter was and still is VERY upset! He took pictures of my license plate and assumed I wasn't from the area because I'm black and he's white! Stating, " I live here!" Upon my daughter and I attempting to leave he followed us to our car yelling, telling me it better not go any further! We had to close our windows and leave, I have video, I am LIVID and I AM seeking legal counsel! These employees (All Men) stood around doing nothing, waiting for a YouTube moment or a bloodbath! I shouldn't have to pay for the rotten oil change that I received! Another woman driver came in, he made her back out of the shop so that he could bring his car in off of the street! Still NO ONE said anything! When I tried to explain to the Manager what was going on (although he was right there) he said to me..."it's too early in the morning for this!" Really? Well Mavis, let me say this...the media and an attorney will love to see my video ANY TIME of the day!

Jul 29, 2018

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