SUBMIT A COMPLAINT / unauthorized renewal/credit card charges

Staten Island, NY, United States

I received and email confirming my cancellation for Jan 28, 2017 on the 28th I saw my credit card charged very conventionally that is a Saturday which you can not contact match until a Monday went online to complain. Finally contacted them twice once with my bank other by myself and was deferred to foreign countries both times. I was told I renewed it with then on Sat Jan 14th
notice a Sat again ??? I told them noway did I do that also that I am computer literate keep all my emails and never received anything about a renewal but did get the cancellation emails?? Either they had a computer glitch or they are just outright crooks preying on people especially SENIORS. I was told I used the service on JAN 28 YES I did trying to contact Match and seeing why it was active did it again today 1/30 again seeing it was active and called and complained they refused to do anything except say they are sorry and charge me until April 29th which notice again is a Saturday.

Jan 30, 2017

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