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I had been a member of the site, for more than 2 years at least. On the 5th of October, i made a payment of a one month subscription and was happily using the site, updating my profiles and pictures. On the 6th of October, I couldn't log in anymore and was advised to contact Customer Care.

Customer Care informed me that I have violated the Terms and Conditions listed on their website and due to the "nature of the violation", they would not communicate with me anymore. All without giving me an explanation and offering a refund. I have since sent emails to follow up to ensure that I get my refund back. Still awaiting their response.

I am outraged as I went through the Terms and Conditions and felt that I have not violated them in anyway. By refusing to provide me an explanation, I am considering that has terminated my account on an uninformed basis, denying me of my right to paid services. Prior to the termination, I even received emails that my updated profile and pictures were approved. I am especially enraged by their dismissive attitude. I assure you that my profile is perfectly legitimate (no, I didn't solicit in any manner) and honest-t0-boot.

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  • Vi
      May 14, 2010

    I also had my account terminated without any explanation.
    Seems if you disagree with anyone that sends you a message not using bad language or anything. Just having a different opinion the first person making the complaint gets the other terminated, they don't read the message thread and think well so they see it different and move on.
    They get a complaint a just terminate without giving the other party a chance to respond. After that the canned message if you want more info you must get a subpoena which means hiring a lawyer, how stupid is that.
    You try to guess was it this person or that person and try to explain the message thread and they will not call you or anything, just send the same message that basically say "TO BAD TO SAD, GET A SUBPOENA"
    You could be the person in the right but how would you know


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  • In
      May 24, 2014

    The same thing happened to me yesterday. I had just created an account earlier this week, and yesterday when it was approved, it was terminated less than 6 hours later due to "violation of our terms". Similarly, I did not solicit or post any offensive content in any way, and I only submitted one profile pic of myself (fully clothed). When I asked them how my account violated any terms, they just replied saying it was in the best interest of their community members that I be terminated. Meanwhile I'm thinking, if they didn't want me on their website, why did they approve me in the first place? I would not recommend to ANYBODY in the future due to such vague, evasive, dismissive attitudes.

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  • Dy
      Jun 08, 2014

    I just had this happen, also. Never mind that there are a lot of angry people on there, who play a lot of games -- both on and offline. And never mind that there are also a LOT of fake/spam/scam accounts on there -- that the company seems to make little to no effort to police or terminate. is a terrible company. They don't care about their customers much, if at all. Strictly a cash grab. There's a reason why they've been sued several times.

    Maybe we can all start a class-action lawsuit for wrongful termination of our accounts -- and failure to compensate us after said termination.

    Dylan Barmmer

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  • Ri
      Jul 29, 2014

    Terminated here as well today July 29th, 2014. Of course, without an explanation. I imagine they do this because they don't want to get into an ethics battle with who's right and wrong depending on how you view "e-mail" banter. I assume mine has to do with an e-mail I received a few days ago from a 44 year old woman, "currently separated", morbidly obese, with children that wrote and said, "men are so weird on this website." Dumbfounded, I told her, do you think it's the men who are weird or the fact that you're older, not even divorced yet, with children, and have given up on your health altogether?

    Apparently, when you put delusional people in their place tactfully, they throw a temper tantrum, report you and then you end up being terminated. This time around on the site (I've been on it before in previous years) I only did 3 months. And, in that 3 months time I've reported on hundreds, literally, hundreds of fake/scam profiles. They became sorta my daily ritual sadly as they became so blatantly obvious to see after awhile. I'm honestly considering seeking legal advice in an effort to file a lawsuit. This website needs to be shutdown merely for wasting millions of paying customer's time. Sure, it may work for one person out of every few thousand people, but those few thousand are dumping money into this hog and not getting their end of the deal. Unless, the deal is to be terminated, without a refund, because you stand up for what's right in the face of completely ###s.

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  • Se
      Aug 07, 2014

    I was terminated this last week. The account was paid, profile hidden. It was hidden because I have been dating a woman who sought me out a year ago. We had no communication ON match since the initial emails and we have taken vacations together, intertwined our families in events and she was talking commitment.
    In the past 8 months, she would have periods of disappearing, being mysteriously unavailable and "out with friends" and she admitted last week that she had been on match and dating others. I was diagnosed with cancer and having surgery on 7/31. I told her she just needs to be honest and faithful. Her reaction - tell match something that caused my "hidden" and unused profile to be terminated. They would not give me a reason.

    I know that she goes by Leila Dorrian, but her real name is Susan Dorrian. Edina, MN. Her ex-husband and his medical practice filed a restraining order against her. Match cares less about a true fraudulent account (hers) and more about an unsubstantiated dispersion from her about a 6 year paying member who has only dated 3 women in all that time and whose account showed no activity at the time they terminated me. Oh, she did this while I was on the surgical table. Class act. Match deserves people like that.

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  • Da
      Aug 23, 2014

    Although under the guise of a complaint against, Rodney N. Sargent's complaint is a dillusional rant against a woman he abused and who left him. This is his MO. The only true statement was the very first sentence of his claim, the rest is fabrication because he was jilted. I never once dated anyone else while we were together. I never had secret rendezvous with "secret Lovers", as is his allegation. In fact, I spent more evenings alone and lonely then when I was single because I was waiting for him. By the end of our nearly one year relationship, he had my heart tattered and left me exhausted and confused. He lied pathologically about everyone and everything.

    I had my name legally changed at the end of my divorce. There is nothing fraudulent about that. My "real" name, as Rodney N. Sargent alleges, is my maiden name which I haven't used since taking my ex-husband's name over twenty-two years ago. So, even those basic facts, Rodney N. Sargent is twisting for his gain. He knows the truth, but it doesn't serve his purpose. Speaking of names, his username of SecureNSincere is bogus. He is not secure. A secure man would never make a public mockery of the woman he "claimed" to love, wanted to marry, and was her soulmate. A sincere man would not begin a relationship with one lie stacked upon another. When I first met him, he claimed that he was ALL but divorced and that all he needed to do is return to Oklahoma City, Oklahoma and sign the divorce papers. This man claimed that he had a pre-nup and that it was an unconsummated marriage. He actually led me to believe that in three years he never consummated his relationship with his wife. They had a short-term marriage, a pre-nup, no shared property, no children together, both wanted the divorce and yet; my entire relationship with him, he was still married. He IS still married. The rest of his is pocked with lies. He went back onto the site when I first broke up with him several months ago and changed him marital status to "divorced" - lie. He states that he has a average body build - lie. He is open to more children - lie. He is politically moderate - lie. He listed all of his recent reads (in one year of dating him, I never saw him read a book) - lie. He implied that he is financially secure - lie. He listed an age range for women he wanted to date as between 30-50 - lie.

    The coup de grace was at the end of our relationship. He stated in his profile that he was "divorced" and added a paragraph at the end of his bio indirectly about me: that I was dishonest, unfaithful, cowardly, and a liar. This man claimed in his complaint against and ME that his profile was hidden, then explain to me how the whole world and I were able to read that? So, although he further claims that he only dated three women, allow me to expound. The first woman and he moved in together for a period of time. She broke up with him. He found another. They dated and she broke up. He went back to the first woman and they got married. He then left Oklahoma City and two days later we met and dated for nearly a year - all the while he is still married. So, really I don't see the virtue in that number.

    The last allegation that I will address is the restraining order. First of all, whatever happened in my marriage between my husband and me is our business, and our business alone. I took it to court and the judge dismissed the case. I would no more share the fact that Rodney N. Sargent having had a restraining order placed upon him by his first wife during their divorce and actually had him barred from their gated-community.

    The last two days of our relationship was me, as usual, taking care of him. He had surgery and I was there every minute of every day. I took care of him, his dog, his daughter and her husband, picked them up from the airport acted as their personal valet. I bought them a hospital parking pass (which although I made it very clear - never returned, so I ate the $15 deposit.), I loaned them my toolbox and asked them to return it to me and they never did.

    After I established NO CONTACT, he sent me a brief text asking me to leave him alone and never contact him or his family. I was more than happy to oblige and I assume he would extend me the same courtesy. Using this public forum to air his dirty laundry and to defame me is NOT leaving me alone. Putting my name and lies about me on the internet is NOT leaving me alone.

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  • Se
      Oct 23, 2014

    Defamatory, libelous spam. Headed to court.

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  • Se
      Jul 06, 2015

    I also had my account terminated without any explanation. Customer Care informed me that I have violated the Terms and Conditions listed on their website and due to the "nature of the violation", they would not communicate with me anymore. I haven't violated anything, but my unhappy ex-girlfriend, who is also on probably made a complaint to prevent me from meeting other women. I'm not at all disappointed because I didn't like very much anyway and was planning to cancel. I used paypal, so I did get a refund. Also, I recently met someone offline. So, all in all it's been a fortuitous combination of circumstances.

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  • Sh
      May 24, 2016

    I created a match account 2 days ago got approved and by the third day I'm blocked from the account so I emailed them and they say I have violated the terms and I would need to get a subpoena to find out why.. Thank goodness I didn't pay... I think match is a scam.

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  • Ba
      Jul 14, 2016

    I too was terminated without reason the same day I created my profile, and 48hrs later after I called Customer Care asking why, I received an e-mail stating that I violated their Terms of Use, but they could not tell me how. I posted nothing inappropriate, I had given out no personal information, no profanity or racial slurs, I have no criminal background whatsoever, etc.
    Absolutely horrible business practices.

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  • Ar
      Jan 22, 2017

    I tried to log into my account this week, which has been unused since 2009. The website displayed a message that said I should contact customer support. I contacted customer support, which requested a bunch of identifying info, and then told me that my account had been terminated for a violation of the Terms of Use, but they wouldn't tell me how, and suggested I get a court order if I wanted to know more. It was as annoying as it was confusing.

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  • Ma
      May 27, 2017

    Oh my God! So, I'm not alone. also terminated my account this month (May 25, 2017) just barely two days after I created it and charged me a three-month membership fee!. Like everyone else here, refused to provide any explanation behind the termination. All the pictures I posted are decent and they're all mine. On the first day, I only managed to send one message to another member just to say hi. On the second day I got tons of email notifications for messages from fellow members, and when I attempted to login, my account had been locked! WTF? Now I don't know if I'll ever get my money back. Also, they save your credit card details and there's a danger that they might continue charging you. This is unfair. What a rubbish website!!! It sounds more like a scam than a legitimate website. Someone should start a class lawsuit against this company. The irony here is that has been ranked as the number one dating site. This has to change. The public should know.

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  • Be
      Jun 02, 2017 has become a joke. Beth McCollum Pennell had an issue with me. She went to and they terminated my profile after I complained she said she was a virgin after her husband. Upon further review she lied to me and others. I complained and they terminated my profile.

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  • Sm
      Aug 02, 2017

    Created free account on Match. Did not subscribe with credit card. So did not have ability to message other users. Posted clean pics of myself. Brief bio write up of myself. Nothing strange at all. Just window shopping the site to see what it was like. I was not able to message anybody because free user. 24 hours later i was unable to log in. Password re-set failed. I phoned customer support. They apologized and told me they would investigate. What the hell? Why would I trust them with my credit card now even if they fix my account?

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  • Re
      Aug 28, 2017

    I had a Match for about 1 year and 1/2 and they blocked my account without any explanation. When you call them their line is that it is a=only "corporate" can handle this and they can't talk about it. Also, they say that you will get an email and of course that has not happened. I'm a teacher and have not done anything inappropriate at all. And as a paying customer, I deserve an explanation especially since they will not let me cancel my subscription . What a scam!

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  • Bi
      Aug 31, 2017

    I created free account on Match. Before subscribing, I thought I'd look around and see what quality of women were on the site. I had no ability to contact or message anybody. I did not post a picture and my profile was what was suggested automatically by Match and then approved by Match.. I would receive my daily 11 matches via email (which mostly didn't match the criteria I had set.) did not have ability to message any other users.I was just checking the site out. A couple of weeks later Ii was unable to log in. I followed the procedure for a Password re-set and never received anything. Then I received a message that my account was blocked and to contact customer care. Te replied that they would investigate, the case was "escalated" and the reply said I had my account terminated. When I asked why, they said that they wouldn't tell me unless I sued them and served them with a subpoena. This is really crazy stuff.

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  • Lm
      Sep 13, 2017

    Agreed. I signed up for Match last week and within 24 hours of me signing up and having my profile and picture approved, I received a rather rude email with the subject line "You are no longer a member" and the email stated that my account had been terminated due to a violation of their terms of use. I was offended and horrified. I was literally left wondering what the heck about my profile pic was a "violation of terms". Seriously, I took it kind of hard at first, wondering, "What on earth about my Face could be a violation of the terms of use?? Glad to know I'm not alone. When I called customer service, I was told that they are not allowed to discuss these types of issues over the phone, that my concerns would be escalated and that I would be able to correspond via email with the next level tiered customer support. That turned out to be an email from someone stating they were not allowed to provide me with any further details "due to the nature" of the circumstances and that I would need a subpoena to get more information. How bizarre! Again, I'm glad I'm not the only one to experience this but it was still a rather strange and off putting experience nonetheless. I am so not an online dating person and this experience has just further confirmed my skepticism. Thank God I never paid a cent. I would be Livid if I had. I wish you all good luck on getting your money back!

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  • Da
      Sep 14, 2017

    OMG! This is insane! After 3 day on same thing happened to me. All my pics are legit, no offensive comments, nothing inappropriate, etc. I just got locked out of my account and then I received an email telling me my account has been terminated and they'll be giving me a refund. Not sure about the refund as I have not seen the charge yet. They are bananas! After reading this thread, so anyone can "flag" any account? are you kidding me? they don't investigate first? omg! Can you imagine how many vindictive exes are going to do this now? or how many ppl who did not get a reply back from the person they were contacting would probably do this in retaliation! I got within 24 hours like 50 emails and I'm sorry but I could not reply to everyone right away! LOL!

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  • Ya
      Oct 06, 2017

    I signed up too and they approved my profile, I posted a couple of pictures hiking and sitting in a place showing my face, I did not post anything at all except I introduced myself and linked my Facebook to it :( I put myself out there and people sent me emails, winks and next day I try to sign in to subscribe and I get a message saying that I was blocked from I call their customer service they tell me they do not handle that and I should only email about those issues (weird) then I emailed and they asked me to send a photo screen of the message I got from them when I signed... then 2 days later I get the same response that most of your got, my free subscription is terminated bc I violated their terms of use... can't think of what went wrong, happy I didn't pay bc I read all the terms of use and they are to obligated to refund your money if they terminate your account, also they do not disclose why they terminate you because of privacy rules (even if it is yourself) are you kidding me?! it is crazy, first time I make my move to date online in years and I feel like I put myself out there and no explanation I am banned... feel awful about people that send me messages (sorry to the people that send me messages) and also about my identity since the terms of use says that they can keep your profile even if you are not active (whaaat) is horrible!!! aggravating the situation for me... plain unfair and embarrassing.

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  • No
      Nov 06, 2017

    I was similarly terminated after about a week. My main concern is that I had established a very friendly correspondence with a woman on match. I got the email advising me I was terminated and needed a court order to get an explanation. I did get to speak on the phone to someone in Customer Support. He told me my budding lady friend would discover that my profile was inaccessible and would have no way to contact me. There is, of course, no way to tell if that relationship would have grown but now it's simply been killed by this nasty business practice of I'm certainly sad for me and thinking I should be sad for her as well.

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  • No
      Nov 08, 2017

    I had the exact same problems. I firstly signed up for a free trail, next day i could not log in so contacted them, they said they would look into it, eventually i was told there has been a computer error and my profile was re-instated and marked as safe. After the free trail ran out, i signed up and paid my £60, things seemed ok and was talking to one person id had got on with and we were going to meet. After 15 mins or so i was logged out by the system and could not log back in, i rang them and was told my account has been closed without reason and i would not get my money back. So i rang paypal, they opened up a case and got a respond from MATCH.COM who supplied fraudulent screens shots for the reason for account closure. Paypal said this does not make any sense and these screenshots have nothing to do with your account, so paypal refunded my money and stopped the billing agreement . Then i contact match again to complain, they tell me to open another account using a new email as they could see no reason for my account closure, so i did and they gave me a weeks free trial to compensate. So everything seems ok, i send one message to someone i was speaking to and didnt use match further that day. Next day i try to log in and the account is gone again, so i ring match again and they tell me they will have to escalate the complaint and think maybe my ip address may have been blocked...i am awaiting their response for the third time in 6 days !!!

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  • Ts
      Nov 08, 2017

    Same thing happened to me.

    I signed up, paid for a subscription, and with 15 minutes of posting my photos, which were very professional, and my profile, which was also very professional my account was blocked - no explanation given.

    This is scary, unconstitutional, and very, very dangerous for a free society. Whether you like or not is immaterial - no company should be allowed to deny patrons service unless they provide a reason or at least give the denied person an opportunity to address whatever it is their dangerous totalitarian employees think is a problem.

    Very, very scary that a company like has this much control - very dangerous totalitarian people who are a danger to our society and our freedom are running this company, and you should avoid as a protest to their very unfair practices of deciding who gets to be a customer. There is nothing wrong with having security practices, but if you are going to block someone with no explanation and not even give them an opportunity to respond that is dangerous and very scary to our liberty. My guess is is joining some other large tech companies in shutting down all libertarian voices.

    Time to create a decent competitor to a very dangerous company!

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  • Ed
      Dec 06, 2017

    My account as terminated this afternoon -- I was a paying and well mannered member for almost nine months.
    Last week I filed a complaint about a woman who sent me a message stating only "Your (sic) an idiot". I replied that she should do the world a favor and keep her pejoratives to herself.
    A week earlier I commented in an upbeat manner to a photo on her profile of a sentiment statement. To which she replies, "You don't care about the photos of me?" I didn't care about the photos of her, but did not reply, I was not interested in furthering the exchange.
    I was planning not to renew when my subscription expired on Dec 21. MATCH.COM made that decision sooner and easier.
    Yet, I am still angered by their decision and the vague notification.

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  • Ch
      Dec 24, 2017 engages in discriminatory business practices, based on gender. Male (and almost exclusively only male) customers are often reported by other users or my employees for "verbally harassing" other members, even when they do not communicate with other members at all. While other members' reporting may be simply a trolling or revenge practice (resulting from a lack of interest received from male members), employee reporting is a practice directly supported by the company itself. One of the most active corporate-sponsored scammers works under the name "Tony E." - a low-paid employee encouraged by the corporation to increase its profit using the above methodology (we obtained a written statement by Tony E., admitting this practice, which is also part of our legal action against

    Following the completely fake, unfounded accusation(s), the merchant terminates the unsuspecting users' account, without looking into the facts or giving any explanation, falsely citing the male user's supposed behavior, while providing no evidence whatsoever, of it. The merchant hides behind its reference to "privacy policy" and typically gets away with wrongfully terminating the account with zero explanation or proof of alleged activity given.

    The merchant then collects the funds for partial or no service rendered, as the terminated member does not get reimbursed for the remainder of the the original, pre-paid subscription term, often at a value in excess of hundreds of dollars. The customer service center refuses to answer inquiries from the wrongfully terminated member, hangs up on the caller, states that it has no relationship with the corporate office itself, which supposedly decides over investigation or cancellations. The only step it recommends is to email the corporate office - but the corporate office refuses to respond to emails altogether.

    Curiously, though, this scamming practice includes the invitation of user to open up another, brand new account, effectively paying again for the already-purchased service.(!) Very well organized scam with a well-established brand to cover it.

    The above findings have been thoroughly documented, and the documentation is now being used in support of a lawsuit by the legal representation of three members, one of which is the author of the above review.

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  • Ke
      Feb 03, 2018

    I was the victim of the same scam. I was a member previously and had just reactivated and paid for several months. Within a few hours my account was blocked. My pictures were fine and nothing offensive in my profile. No offensive messages were sent.
    I got the same response from the previously mentioned Tony:
    Response By Email (Tony E.) (02/03/2018 12:03 PM)
    Good afternoon,
    We received your inquiry regarding the status of your Match membership.
    Please know that due to our Terms of Use, your Match account has been terminated. We believe this action to be in the best interest of our member community.
    For reference, our Terms of Use can be accessed at the following link:
    If you paid to attend an upcoming Match Event, please know your name has been removed from the RSVP list and any charges associated with the event have been refunded.
    Match Corporate Care

    What a scam.

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  • Me
      Mar 12, 2018

    While most of you seem to be male, rest assured it happens to us women as well. I was blocked from after refusing to meet a guy who got a little weird. I blocked him and emailed Match asking them to send him a cease and desist notice because he would not stop calling me. I received no notice of the cancellation of my account, and had no idea till someone else I was talking to from Match asked me why I'd taken my profile down. As of right now, my money's not been refunded and of course it's Sunday, so one is available to answer customer service. Very poor business practice. But to hell with them, I"m Moving on to some place with more integrity.

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  • Ke
      May 24, 2018

    My experience reads the same as the others on here. I had been a paying member for over 2 years. Everything was clean, friendly, politically correct, safe for the viewing public. After all, I was hoping to meet someone for a serious committed relationship. My first disagreement with was regarding the 6 month "Match Guarantee" for which I had signed up and paid for..

    Straight from

    Guarantee - How it works
    We know you'll meet tons of great people during your 6-month subscription with us. But if you don't find someone special during that time, we'll give you an ADDITIONAL 6 months free to continue your search.

    The guarantee is included only on 6-month subscription packages and gives you access to all subscriber benefits. During your 6-month subscription, you must:

    Create a truthful Match profile with a primary photo and keep it visible to the public 100% of the time during your 6-month subscription term.
    Respond to or initiate email communication with at least 5 unique Match members each month through the Match service.
    Comply with all of the Match Guarantee Program rules.
    If you're eligible to redeem, you will need to redeem your free time on the Progress page within 7 days before your current subscription ends (check your Subscription Status here)
    NOTE: A unique member is one which you have not previously emailed. A "Qualifying Email" must be an email sent through the Match service and does not include any other method of communicating (such as Winks, matchPhone™, or emails sent outside of the Match system.)

    If you have not met someone special after six months and you've followed all the program rules, you will qualify for the Guarantee extension at no additional expense to you.

    If you did not meet all the program requirements to qualify for the Guarantee extension, your 6-month subscription will automatically renew like any other subscription, unless it is resigned before the renewal date.

    I followed the instructions, I attempted to email several people whom I felt were a good match, similar interests, same age +/- a year, everything that I am told is key and proper to "making a serious effort".

    A few people responded, 6 that I recall over a year. I went on a single date with two different people and the others lasted only a couple messages or weren't interested. In the end nothing progressed so I stayed on match.

    One day I see they charged my CC with an account renewal ($150) not exactly pocket change. When I asked about the Guarantee I received a poorly written email suggesting that I didn't qualify for the guarantee since I didn't exchange enough quality messages with other users. Or course this is a load of $hit since I met and exceeded their message quota as instructed. (As a side note, how are they confirming this?)

    If everyone doesn't already know the "Match Group" owns and operates several other sketchy and notorious dating sites:
    People Media

    I tried POF once and ran into a pile of BOTS. The system then told me there was a number of people who were "Interested" in me and to see who I would have to purchase a fully paid membership.
    Out of stupidity and curiosity I paid the fee. Low and behold the people who were "Interested" in me didn't actually exist. Instead when I clicked on the member profile I would get a message saying "Sorry, user has deleted their profile" Not once, not twice but this was the case with ALL the suggested "Interested" people. I went through my inbox and counted 36 messages. Growing suspicious I waited for a message to arrive, the next day I get an email: "So and so is interested in you, click here to find out who!" So I click and surprise, surprise their profile was deleted / didn't exist.

    I contacted customer care to express my discontent with being suckered into paying money to view illegitimate profiles. Their reaction made things all the more interesting. The email response was at first a canned message suggesting I look at an FAQ.. the usual. The second was horribly written in broken english and more or less said the same thing. "We're sorry but the profiles you were trying to view had been deleted possibly due to being fraudulent".

    Now why wouldn't a dating site c/o the match group $$$ not bother using any authentication software like Captcha or what not to at least attempt to limit the amount of bots using their services? Simple. They can plead ignorance, and make financial gains from users like myself attempting to communicate with other "People" on their sites!
    I brought this up in my email response. The response back to me was more or less a copy paste of the first email they had sent. Saying the exact same thing followed by crickets.

    Time for this exploitation and blatant criminal abuse of the public to end. It's 2018 why are the rules any different for a business operating online vs a bricks and mortar store? Seems these people think they can make their own rules disrespect the public and walk away another happy dotcommer.

    Meet someone the old fashioned way, face to face in public. Don't accept the BS idea that you need some con artist or shoddy service to help you.

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  • Jo
      Jun 06, 2018

    Same thing happened to me. Just signed up 3 days ago and posted regular photos, a tasteful and heartfelt "essay" for lack of a better term, said hello to a few people, then wham, account terminated. I'm glad I found this thread as I had taken it a bit personally. I think match should be ashamed of themselves. This is unfair and unethical.

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  • Ck
      Jun 10, 2018

    Lets file a suit

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  • Ke
      Jun 17, 2018

    @CK559 Absolutely, this is deserving of a class action lawsuit. At the very least this should be brought to the attention of the mainstream media.

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  • So
      Jun 30, 2018

    I also had my account terminated though I did absolutely nothing. I believe it was a discriminatory practice because I'm an atheist.

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  • Ki
      Jul 30, 2018

    Well dang, I just had my account terminated for the same reason as everyone else has already mentioned. I paid for a 3 month subscription and then wham!

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  • Ju
      Sep 03, 2018

    It appears that Match.Com is blocking accounts that use web browsers that block pop-ups from appearing, without any explanation, other than your email/password is incorrect (which it isn't). After the second or third attempt entering your email/password combination, it blocks one out. Since the Image CAPTCHA is a pop-up window which never appears if it is being blocked by the web browser, it just thinks one errored on the email/password entry, eventually blocking out the account after 2 or 3 attempts...

    ... Do not use Match.Com until they fix this!

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  • Again, all of the above happened to me, too. No real violation of the Terms of Service. Just a complaint from a crazy, mean-spiritual, angry, bitter woman I did not want to date, because she is crazy, mean-spirited, angry, and bitter.

    Her name? "Lissa Rocke"

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  • @Regret Ever Meeting Lissa Rocke Again, all of the above happened to me, too. No real violation of the Terms of Service. Just a complaint from a crazy, mean-spirited, angry, bitter woman I did not want to date, because she is crazy, mean-spirited, angry, and bitter.

    Her name? "Lissa Rocke"

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  • This happened to me, too. A crazy, mean-spirited, angry, bitter woman named Lissa Rocke complained to because I did not want to meet her. Why did I not want to met her, much less date her? Because she is crazy, mean-spirited, angry, and bitter.

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  • Bi
      Oct 31, 2018

    My match account was terminated after 13 months of use. I have sent 3 inquires and have received 3 prompt responses that provided no information except for that I "violated terms of service." I have not.

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  • To
      Nov 16, 2018

    Hello Everyone: you're exactly right!! They cancel your subscription without notice and if some woman complains they cancel you.I politely told a woman to stop emailing me. No vulgarity or swear words. The next day my account was cancelled!! BUT I have a work around for all of you and it worked for me for many month and other accounts. I would say close to 10 times. Create a new e-mail from AND go buy a visa debit card at the store. Create the account and when they ask for payment just enter the new visa number. If you have different email accounts and credit cards you can simply create new accounts. They block email addresses and credit cards. If they block your IP address just go login to free WIFI somewhere else... hope this helps!! F them for cancelling accounts and asking for a SUPOENA

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  • Je
      Apr 07, 2019

    I have never used an online service before. I paid for 6 months & was terminated on the FIRST DAY.
    After I joined up, I asked if there was an option to use Chinese. They said no - only english & spanish.
    Ok no problem, a friend helped me navigate the website.
    He posted a couple standard photo's - only my face. Nothing "suggestive" or indecent. I recieved a few emails from others (one interested person must have sent 6-7 messages) & later in the day when I tried to log in my account was blocked. NO REASON - NO EXPLANATION... I emailed match & 2 days later they just said my account was terminated for violating the terms of agreement. WTF?? I didnt ask for money, I didnt use fraud or misrepresentation. Now after a little searching, I see this is a HUGE PROBLEM on Match. I guess if someone gets their feelings hurt or just is in a bad mood, they can complain & since Match wants to AVOID ALL LEGAL hassles, they just terminate your account & basically tell you to "guess" why. Im thinking - this is to keep you from mounting any kind of defense. I WAS FORTUNATE - I recovered my CC money. I think most of the time they wait till recovery is unlikely & then take the remainder of your $$$ & just hope you dont fight them.

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  • De
      May 09, 2019

    I have been a member of since 2004 off and on between relationships. I met one woman recently, we dated several weeks. When I didn't want to see here anymore she reported me to match. This woman left messages in my mail box, hounded me with multiple phone calls and incessant texting and followed me to work. I called the sheriffs and filed a report for harassment. My match account was deactivated due to her complaints to match. I filed a complaint with the better business bureau and received a response from match. My account was terminated due to complaints from a member. This member harassed me, maliciously reported me and vowed to follow me to the end of the world. I did nothing immoral or wrong to this woman. She is still texting me with abusive language and threats. has a horrible customer service and treats me like I am an evil, lying, person. Absolutely ridiculous. They took my money and ran without an investigation.

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  • Ls
      Jun 04, 2019

    I had this happen slightly after getting into a real world relationship. I think the problem lies with the fact that there are a lot of socially inept and crazy women on that site that just report people for the most bland levels of flirtation. I had a totally nonsexual but funny opener that got 100's of positive responses but two extremely pissed off ones. Why? One profile I read said she would call the police if anyone with tattoos contacted her. I don't, but that is flat out insane for getting a message on Match. There are women who have been on there for over a decade and are just plain bitter.

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  • Gr
      Jun 10, 2019


    Please reinstate my account. I never disrespected, never insulted and I never conducted innapropriate behavior on the site. Just because someone made a report doesn’t mean that it’s a fact. You can not suspend someone’s account based on unsupported and non factual reports. [protected]

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