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I buy in that brand very often, usually in Canary Warf shop.I had a gift from my boyfriend, it was a leather jacket from Massimo Dutti, It was narrow for me and I did not like it, we went for a change to the Regent Street shop On Sunday afternoon, for our surprise the lady on the till told us that she could not change the item for the money because for the policies, I had the normal receipt and a gift receive(my boyfriend did not ask for a gift receipt when he bought it, they gave it to him straight away).
I was not happy for that but I understand that the company is got policies and is not the problem of the staff, the manager (really rude) told me that I could change the item for another thing, I spend in the shop more than one hour trying clothes and finally I wanted to buy a pair of shoes and jeans, when I went to the till again the lady asked me If I was not going to buy nothing else because If not I was going to loose my money, it was not possible for the shop to give me a voucher/card with the rest of the money inside so I needed to change the leather jacket (249pounds) for another item/s of the same quantity or more at the same time.
I felt super disappointed, the brand was ripping me of, the manager of the store was super rude I explained her that I was not in the mood to buy more and she told me that she could not do nothing else.
Finally after a long afternoon she gave me a card with the rest of the money inside, repeating to me that I suppose to feel lucky because they never do that.
I spend two hours in the shop for change a present I felt so disappointed, I use to buy a lot in Massimo Dutti but definitely I will not do it any more and I strongly recommend to not buy gifts in that brand and of course avoid Regent Street shop.

Dec 05, 2016

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