Massage Envyunethical behavior, unauthorized credit card charge

J Nov 21, 2017

Called the Minnetonka MN location to cancel my appointment as I found out the same day that I had gotten lice from my daughter. Spoke to manager named Staci. She threatened me several times that she would charge my card unless I gave her a doctor's note, and I told her that I wasn't going to pay to see a doctor when I could see the lice in my hair. She accused me of lying and said I must have had symptoms earlier that morning when I made the appointment. She said she would charge me and hung up. I called back- she immediately hung up again. Called Eden Prairie location where I have my membership. They said there is no regional manager and they have nothing to do with the other location. I said I wanted my card off file so it couldn't be charged. Suddenly they said the "regional manager" would speak to me. A woman named Joan told me that I must have been yelling at Staci for her to hang up on me, and said that Staci told me I wouldn't be charged (not true). She told me it was in "everyone's" best interest to cancel my membership, but said she couldn't provide a written confirmation of this. When I told her I didn't trust them and needed confirmation, she called me crazy and said sarcastically "Oh wow that's real nice of you to say you don't trust me." She still refused to give written confirmation until I called back and complained to someone else, who said she wasn't actually the regional manager. Your managers at these locations basically treated me like dirt and forced me to cancel my membership. I did like my massage therapist Emily who I saw for the past year, but the managers are horrendous. They were extremely rude, lied, accused ME of harassment, and basically forced me to cancel my membership by trying to charge me for an appointment when I had lice.

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