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Went to Massage Envy on recommendation of co-worker for the Breast Cancer special $49 massage. Told them I only wanted LIGHT SWEDISH MASSAGE and that I specifically did not want to be in pain the next day. Massuese assured me that would be the case. The moment I got up off the table, I was in pain. I called the manager, Dawn, the next day and made my complaint. Not their problem -- I must be "sensitive" to pain, or I was no hydrated enought, or I had too many toxins in my body, etc. etc. etc. They offered to have me come back and have another massuese work on me -- I told them I wouldn't come back -- were they crazy? Dawn just kept repeating it was my fault. Don't bother with these people -- they are insensitive and don't care about their customers. Also, their prices are outrageous! They tried their high pressure sales pitch on me, but I just refused to answer their questions and they finally left me alone for about 15 minutes before my massage -- I left them very frustrated. 5 different individuals came to try to sell me a membership, I just ignored them all. Best thing to do in a high sales pitch situation -- just ignore them, don't make eye contact, don't respond. They finally give up.

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      Dec 07, 2010

    my ex girlfriend works at the altamonte springs location and said the same issues go on regularly with every client. Its a scam to get you frustrated in trying to cancel or get refund. No one will call you back ever. They say they cannot cancel when they can. They tell you they cancel then dont. Its the wait you out game so you will give up. They are franchised but sounds like a corporate game to me. She gave me so many stories especially one where the womans son died and they still did not refund the money. Its hard sell on contracts and they will tell you its easy to cancel but if you dont after 3 days you never will have any luck. they work on commision and they will be fired if they do no thit 15% attach rate. they get 850 and hour plus a tier bonus for 15% and so on according to their memberships. thats why its hard to get out once you sign it. thats why you dont get all the info up front. thats why you shouldnt give your credit card number as you will never be able to get out of the contract. if you move somewhere where there isnt a massage envy within a 25 mile radius you can opt out. and rates arent honored in other areas of the country of what you signed up in. plus if you miss your appointment and dont cancel youre charged. again your credit card will be charged.

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      Aug 15, 2011

    I have been a member of this clinic for 2 years and I get the $150 experience for $49 and any additional visits for $39 the therapists are highly trained and I am always warmly greeted. A membership agreement must be honored I had to honor one at Gold's Gym for my ex hisband and kept getting my AMEX charged and didn't fuss because an agreement is an agreement. Our time is just is valuable as there's so if I do not show up for an appt or forget to call it's not right. So what makes it right for these forgetful irresponsible people. Get real life does not evolve around you.

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