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unethical business practices

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I am currently an employee of ME. I am also trying very hard to find emploment else where. I have been a practicing massage therapist for 11 years now and if this is was is out there for the rest of our community, then I am truely sorry. I taught at a massage school for two years and encourage my student to apply at ME, but now that I am there myself- I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy. The owners lied since day one and contine to do so. They were decitful in their hiring practices especially regarding pay. I was told, POINT BLANK that I would be making $18/hr (still low for a therapist who has as much training as I do), plus commissions. Commission include: requested therapist ($1.00), New Member sign on ($5.00), Hot Stones ($3.00), Deep Muslce Therapy ($2.00) and Aromatherapy ($2.00). I could make my own schedule and 25 hours a week was considered full time given the work that we do. I was also offered the position of Lead Therapist. This all sounded great for me, so I took the job. However, first paycheck rolls around and I got paid $7.50/hr with NO COMMISSIONS. So I went to the owner(s) regarding my paycheck, thinking it was just a mistake. NOPE!!! I was told that I was now getting paid two different rates. One for doing massages and the other was hourly (when not giving massages), which ever was higher. And that commission would only be given if I met my massage rate for that pay period. When I expressed my confusion and disbelief, since I was NEVER told this in anyway shape of form, I was told and I quote, "We told all the therapist this at their interviews and you all just hear what you want". So as Lead Therapist, I inquired with all the other therapist to see what they were told regarding the pay. Out of the 8 therapists- 2 walked out immediatly- all where told the same thing. They would get paid $15/hr with not mention about an hourly vs. massage rate or commissions only if you met your massage rate. Since then 4 other therapist have joined the "ME TEAM" and all four were also mislead about their pay. 1 left after her first paycheck. There are also a number of other practices that are unethcial- Repremanding me for not working on an intoxicated male customer who asked me if I gave "happy endings". And because he was some Radio Personality, he was given the VIP treatment and 2 free massages with apoligies from ME for my behavior. The owners still have not posted their Establishment License nor the Texas State Complaint Numbers, which is Texas State LAW, nor have the posted the Labor Law poster.

I hope to find another job soon and be done with ME. But I will send a detailed letter to the Corp. Offices and tell everyone I know about this place. If they are willing to treat their employees like that, do you as a paying customer want to go there???
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N  12th of Oct, 2010 by    0 Votes
On May 27, 2009, I requested that my monthly membership account be frozen. I was told that this would be done for six months. Unfortunately, this did not occur. I am disappointed because of all the problems I’ve run into since then in attempt to resolve this matter. Things do not get resolved, although I am lead to believe they are.
I spoke with the manager on December 31, 2009. I explained that for six months my credit card account had monthly fees drafted that were supposed to have been frozen. The bank considered this an “Unauthorized Use” of my credit card. As a result, the bank closed that credit card account number and was going to peruse Massage Envy (Maumee, Ohio) for the return of the monies.
My communication with Massage Envy actually began on December 22, 2009 when I walked into the Maumee location to find out why these drafts had occurred. That night a message was left for the manager to contact me. I had to call back several times (on December 24, 26, and 28th), no manager. On December 31st I finally made contact. I was told that somehow their computer had undone the account freeze of May 27th on May 28, 2009. I informed the manager that the bank stated this was an unauthorized use of my bank account and they were going to come after them (Massage Envy) for the monies and had closed out my credit card.
As a result, the manager agreed to refund all six drafts and asked me if I wanted to continue with my membership. I told him that I was not to give Massage Envy my new account number because of their miss-use of my account and he agreed to discontinue my membership. I hung up the phone with the understanding that everything was resolved.
But seven months later in July, I received a phone call saying that Massage Envy needed my updated account information because they were unable to draft my monthly membership fee for July. When I returned the call, I asked to speak to the manager. I was told he was no longer the manager at the Maumee location and was connected with their current manager. She told me that the previous manager held a different position with Massage Envy, but not at this location. She spoke to me as though, I the consumer, was in the wrong for my actions and needed to comply. I explained what had previously occurred and wanted to know why, after all these months I had been contacted. I was informed that my account had been frozen for six months and that time was up (I’m assuming this means my account was frozen from December to June and then one month later, in July, the drafts started again; but not sure if this is correct). She said that I had to honor the contract and knew nothing about any prior problems (anything prior that had occurred was brushed off as irrelevant). She was to contact the former manager and then get back with me. I never heard back.
Weeks later, I received a call from an employee. Same thing, I needed to provide Massage Envy with my updated account information in order to draft my account that needed to occur. This employee knows all about the situation and yet this occurs (I spoke with her in December when the manager was not responding to my message).
On October 11, 2010, I called Massage Envy to confirm the manager’s contact information in order to begin filing complaints and was shocked with what I found. I was informed there was no such manager there. I asked who the manager was; the original manager I had dealt with in December and the employee who recently called me were the names given. I don’t know what is going on there, but if these two are the only managers, then why was I previously mislead?
Based on the numerous complaints for Massage Envy that I have read; my problem is not unique to this company. It is unfortunate that I graciously helped prevent Massage Envy from dealing with their consequences of having a bank come after them for the unauthorized use of my account. But by doing so, I am currently dealing with the unpleasant experience of Massage Envy’s unethical practices. My contract was broke by Massage Envy’s unauthorized use, not of my actions. I can not give them further access to new account information based on their history and what the bank said.
It is unfortunate that I am now filing complaints in attempt to seek help to resolve this matter. But after: (a) finding out yesterday who the managers really are, (b) the fact that both managers have known of this situation, and (c) because I am still experiencing problems - they keep causing (ex: the second freeze on my account ironically worked, but was not at my request). I am left with no choice.
I have learned an invaluable lesson; the only communication that can transpire between me and Massage Envy needs to be through written documentation. (Additionally, I have yet to speak of their $20 membership fee practices.)
A  7th of Dec, 2010 by    0 Votes
my ex girlfriend works at the altamonte springs location and said the same issues go on regularly with every client. Its a scam to get you frustrated in trying to cancel or get refund. No one will call you back ever. They say they cannot cancel when they can. They tell you they cancel then dont. Its the wait you out game so you will give up. They are franchised but sounds like a corporate game to me. She gave me so many stories especially one where the womans son died and they still did not refund the money. Its hard sell on contracts and they will tell you its easy to cancel but if you dont after 3 days you never will have any luck. they work on commision and they will be fired if they do no thit 15% attach rate. they get 850 and hour plus a tier bonus for 15% and so on according to their memberships. thats why its hard to get out once you sign it. thats why you dont get all the info up front. thats why you shouldnt give your credit card number as you will never be able to get out of the contract. if you move somewhere where there isnt a massage envy within a 25 mile radius you can opt out. and rates arent honored in other areas of the country of what you signed up in. plus if you miss your appointment and dont cancel youre charged. again your credit card will be charged.
N  4th of Jan, 2011 by    0 Votes
Since joining Massage Envy in 2009, I have not been able to get massages on a regular monthly basis, therefore creating a backlog of massage credits (12). I have tried to stop the automatic withdrawals until I get caught up, but was advised that if I stopped the automatic withdrawals, I could not use the credits. This is unreasonable and unethical. Massage Envy is holding my bank account and my prepaid credits hostage. I can not get out of this contract. I also inquired about giving some credits to friends and was advised that I could not do that either. And finally, the way Massage Envy records prepays is a rip off to customers. Customers should not have to use 2 prepays for an 1.5 hour service or for a hot stone massage. That is a rip off. Customers should be able to use THEIR payments as cash not a prepay credit. If I get a facial, I should not have to come out of pocket $10, when I have over $700 worth of payments sitting in Massage Envy's bank account. I am very dissatisfied and want to be able to use MY payments as cash to pay for additional services, gratuity, etc. I have searched the web for related complaints and have found dozens of unsatisfied customers. Is the corporate managers going to do anything about the unethical business practices that leave so many customers unsatisfied.
A  31st of Jan, 2011 by    +1 Votes
I have read several thousand comments about Massage Envy over the past few weeks. The overwhelming majority are negative comments or complaints. I have yet to read a single one that speaks of good customer service where the dispute was resolved. The only comments in favor of Massage Envy are those stating “you should have to honor the contract that you signed “or from those individuals that don’t like to hear people complain. I never saw one comment of how someone was allowed out of their contract as a show of good will or customer service.
Some individuals have stated that because you signed a contract you have nothing to complain about. These people obviously haven’t experienced what we have.
Not all contracts are equal under the law. There is a whole branch of law devoted to contracts. Its not a simple, cut and dry topic. Just because you signed a contract doesn’t mean you have no recourse if circumstances change. The contract is clearly biased in their favor. Some people have had no issue with it, but obviously lots of people have a huge problem with it. The issue isn’t whether you signed a contract or not but is the contract your singed legitimate, enforceable, ethical or even legal?
N  1st of Feb, 2011 by    0 Votes
Why wouldnt we expect something that was bought and paid for or scammed out of. Most of us as consumers feel even if we are scammed out of or extorted for a little extra money we ought to get whats coming to us even if its a lously massage! Youre just playing devils advocate and trying to find anything to muddle the conversation and get it off point. Yes I see the point youre trying to make about it being a time sensitive thing and not a phyical item and that when the membership is over why would you get to enjoy the benifits? but what you are failing to understand that the membership itself was entered upon under false prestenses, with all sorts of cumbersome limiting elements. The contract is unable to be terminated even though almost all of us asked and were told it is possible to cancel. The contract even has a cancelation policy but when many of us have tried to exercise it they kept charging, claiming we never filled out such document, they lost it, computer error..etc blha blah its always something...they just keep charging the credit card.

Most people are afraid or lazy or appathetic to do anything more than just take this treatment and go about their business. At least some people are taking the small initiative to get online and complain about it. Some may feel its not worth the time to take it any further, its only a few hundred to a thousand dollars. But to some its mere principle that this kind of thing can not go on anchallenged. Some of us expect a bit of courtesy, some peace in the world, some good service for hard earned money, fair treatment under the law and social standards. Some of us dont like being jerked around even if we signed a contract for a stupid massage membership, its not like a mortgage. Theres no reason other than greed except maybe dislike of your fellow American to conduct business in such a manner. BAD PRESS. PROTESTING. COMPLAINTS. THATS ONLY THE BEGINNING. THEIR ACTIONS WILL CATCH UP TO THEM. Word of mouth and now social networking will spread the news of this until we are satisfied. GO CONSUMERS! This is a service industry. Their product is service. They dont provide a good fair product ...we want our money back!
Dont just cut your losses! Unless you can afford to and dont care about things like this going on, can turn a blind eye to injustice. Everyone has their favorite hot topic battles to fight, what they care most about. I see thousands people complaining about this franchise and its time we all did something about it, its as important as fighting a cigarette company, Bernie Madoff or BP. Theyre a multi-million dollar company and they are ripping people off!
D  1st of Feb, 2011 by    0 Votes
Dispute the charges with your credit card company, VISA MC etc. Its the same as stealing. Change your credit card number. File a report with the BBB even though they already have an F rating and get dozens of complaints in each office in each city every week! Call or write file a free public complaint at youre attorney general office. They will be forced to take action when a threshold number of complaints is crossed. File a small claims civil suit. It will be the most satisfying $50 bucks you ever spend if you lose but chances are YOU WILL WIN IN COURT! Join our class action lawsuit. Type down and document your circumstances and experiences in this matter, noting names and dates and dollar amounts. Share these with us on our group Massage Envy Sucks or website. Be careful not to give their lawyers any fodder against you by saying slanderous things, just stick to the facts. Go to yahoo and google and citysearch and other review and rating websites and make sure others know how you feel. Tweet and Facebook about youre negative experience, dont be afraid to let everyone know how you feel about how much Massage Envy Sucks!
N  2nd of Mar, 2011 by    0 Votes
Why don't you advertise and just be self employed? Massages are so wonderful, but I wouldn't use ME, they seem kind of gross to me. It seems being self employed would be a win win, you could charge less than ME but still make more than they pay you...
A  6th of Aug, 2011 by    0 Votes

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