Massage Envy / bad customer service

Columbia Elkridge, MD, United States
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Do not get a contract with this company! They will take your money each month and not deliver the contracted monthly service. For several months Massage Envy has collected monthly fees, but is unable to give me an appointment at a time of my choosing. If I ever won't to get my money's worth I'll have to get some kind of appointment. The 2 appointments I made that actually resulted in massages each took 3-4 calls for appointments. Last night was a new twist on an old theme when I showed up for my appointment that took more than one call to make, only to be told it had occurred the hour before. The receptionist was so rude, and not helpful at all. Obviously she is so used to abusing customers she didn't think twice about ignoring me without asking me to reschedule and begin talking to another receptionist as if I weren't even there. I walked out, but I want my money back. Therefore, I went to the Massage Envy website to complain and the "Contact Us" went nowhere; so, it appears that from the top of the corporation there are poor business ethics and standards, and a lack of customer service. This is so sad considering they are supposed to be in a service industry. Maybe its time to confront them in small claims courts to get back the money they are taking while not providing the contracted service.

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