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Masonite / Bad service

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I purschase a Masonite Fiber Glass patio door from Home Depot. The door was delivered and installed by Home Depot. It's a lifetime warrantly on the door and now after three years the door is starting to warp or bow inward. I called Masonite and they claim I was suppose to paint the door this is within 45 days of installation. This information wasn't provided by Home Depot nor the installer. Masonite claims this information is on the packing on their door and again I never saw that since Home Depot delivered and installed the door.

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  • Ma
      25th of Jun, 2009
    +1 Votes

    Home Depot and Masonite leave alot to be desired when it comes to customer satisfaction. I have inswing Masonite French Doors that have done nothing but leak since the day I had them installed. The Masonite/Home Depot field service people have been here no less than 6 times in the past few months and still they leak like a sieve. My advice: If you have another option other than Masonite, please take it and save yourself the aggrevation of dealing with them. Masonite's continuous stance has been: since they or Home Depot didn't install them, it wasn't their problem. Bottom line is they are inferior in design and are marginally acceptable to the extermes of inclement weather. Please avoid this product line at all costs. I am now looking at replacing all Masonite items to save my house and personal belongings from further damage.

  • Vr
      7th of Dec, 2010
    +2 Votes

    I also had a very bad experience with Masonite and Home Depot. After 4 weeks they still have not done anything about a front door (cost over $ 5000.00) that is open because they cut the mail slot too large. It is now December and freezing outside.

  • Vr
      7th of Dec, 2010
    +1 Votes

    I also had a very bad experience with Masonite Doors and Home Depot.They cut the mail slot too large and our front hall is freezing. Still no action after four weeks. They just put me on hold... The front door cost over $ 5000.--

  • Re
      16th of Jun, 2011
    -1 Votes

    Sadly I have to agree with the above comments. Less than 3 years after installation my $3, 200 exterior fiberglass door the fiberglass which I purchased through the local Home Depot was separating from the wood and the wood warped. The warranty Masonite refused to honor citing the exterior need to have been painted within 45 days. I fail to see how interior fiberglass adhesion can be attributed to exterior paint HOWEVER I had painted my exterior. I have every instruction and sales paper. Nothing indicates what they now claim was ever provided to me at time of purchase. In an attempt to get to the real reason for the warranty denial I checked recent court documentation. It appears May 25, 2011 (I filed my warranty complaint May 14) Masonite is remains in financial trouble, and has not recovered from it's 2009 bankruptcy as they said. Already in June 2011 twice they have been in Federal Court in Delaware trying to satisfy the courts they are stable. The sad truth appears that Masonite is going reneg on any and all warranty claims and stick as many new customers with bad doors as they can in the future. Read the Internet postings.

  • Ri
      19th of Aug, 2011
    0 Votes

    Your door is separating because you didn't paint all six sides. Water will infiltrate through the wood on the sides and rot it out causing the fiberglass to separate. YOU MUST PAINT YOUR DOOR. It even says so on there website. How primer white doors do you see for crying out loud. Why should they have to pay for your inaction?

  • Re
      23rd of Aug, 2011
    0 Votes

    The information RE warranty has changed since the door was bought. My 2006 warranty, which I retained a copy of had no information on it about painting the door on all six sides. This is the source of so many complaints about Masonite. When checking the Internet I noted no less than 40 complaints that were near identical to my own. Masonite changed the terms of their warranty in order to void their obligation to their customers. When I contacted the company in 2011 they cited me a completely different warranty than that which I got when the door was purchased, what they cited as the warranty even had on the bottom a 2007 date. Later their boss sent me another warranty citing more general terms, they then claimed was suppose to apply in 2006. I find it overtly offensive that a company denies the warranty that was in effect when they sold the doors.

    I also want to warn any Home Depot customers that they did not stand behind what they sold.

  • Sj
      7th of Nov, 2011
    +1 Votes

    I am an investigator with the law firm of Meyer Wilson. We have been investigating a potential case regarding Masonite doors and warranty related issues. If you would like to share your experiences or learn more about our investigation, please contact me at 614-384-7030 or

  • Le
      14th of Nov, 2011
    +1 Votes

    Warranty claim denied. They installed the door sweep incorrectly. It protruded out from under the door and pushed against center mullion. (a centerhinged patio door) I took pictures sent them in. They cited every reason to denie claim. Most of the reasons were not in the warranty pdf nor installation/care pdf's. Home Depot is taking a who cares attitude. This is corporate America at best. Tom B.

  • Lo
      27th of Jan, 2013
    -1 Votes

    I am 5 years into these lifetime warranty exterior french doors. They have told me everything that they have told everyone else. I have 2 doors 4 foot apart and one has the insulation coming out of the seams. It has never allowed me to lift the blinds, and their answer to that was sending me a new magnetic door catch to attach to the window, but the blind never has worked.
    I could have lived with a blind that wouldn't let me lift it up, however now the door is so swollen that I can't close it. We have removed the hardware and pray that nobody tries to break in to my unsecured house.

    I'm going to give them one more try, and then back to Home Depot to see if they have an answer.

    At this point all I see is dollar signs coming out of my pocket.

  • Ho
      6th of Feb, 2013
    +1 Votes

    Hi, lovetexasbluebonnets.
    I work on the Social Media team for Customer Care. Please send us an email with the full name/phone/address that the doors were purchased under through Home Depot, as well as what HD location you used & the details again so we can help with this.
    We sincerely apologize for the problems with the doors and would be happy to jump in.
    - Nicki (

  • Pa
      7th of Sep, 2014
    0 Votes

    I read the complaints and completely agree with the dis-satisfied purchasers of Masonite doors. I ordered a beautiful looking door from Home Depot last October . It came in a week late and my contractor had to leave the country for 3 months, when he came back we decided to wait til spring to install. It was stored in its original shopping packaging, and stored inside. We installed it in May, and within 6 weeks it was so warped the latches would fit into the locking holes. I had two contractors look at the door, and they both agreed that there was a large knot in a 2 x 2 between the door jam and side light that was causing the problem. The door should have never left the factory. So.. Now I'm told that because I didn't install the door within 45 days my warranty was void. Apparently this is advertised near the back of the masonite brochure . No one at Home Depot had mentioned this to me. The craftsmanship of masonite doors in my opinion is crap. Avoid ordering from this company at all costs. Buyer beware big time

  • Vi
      26th of Sep, 2014
    0 Votes

    I purchased a Masonite door July 22, 2008 (Belleville Smooth, pre-hung, camber fan with clear glass). The rubber seal around the glass of the door is coming apart and falling in between the glass panes. I contacted Masonite (since their website claims a lifetime warranty) and the lady explained there is only a 5 year warranty on the glass and I can contact my local Masonite dealer to pay for a replacement. She was not helpful at all. I picked up the door myself from the lumber dealer and didn't receive any warranty information. The website description for the door doesn't hyperlink to any warranty details (at least none that are easy to find). Sounds like a shady and uncaring operation to me - lesson learned the hard way to never purchase a masonite door. Even a word search of "warranty" doesn't take you to the warranty on their website. On a better note, my ThermaTru door (purchased at the same time) is holding up great!

  • Ll
      20th of Feb, 2015
    0 Votes

    I purchased a steel door for my entrance in October 2014 from Home Depot. Delivery took 3 weeks longer than what i was told. When it finally arrived it was installed by Home Star which i was told by Home Depot sales people does all their installations. The door was installed on the 16th of December 2014.After the door was in place My Wife and Myself both mentioned the large gap that was between the door and the frame.The men installing the door thought that it looked wrong. On the 17th of December i called Home Star to come back and have a look at the door as i could see daylight through the bottom of this large crack. They came back and this time they took pictures that they said would be sent to the Manufacturer because that the door was too small for the frame. we called them back the next day we could see even more daylight underneath the door. This time they adjusted the threshold plate which should have been done when it was installed.A few days later i called Home Star once again to tell them that there was a frost build up on the outside of my door by this large crack. this was caused by the heat escaping to the outside. Once again Home Star people came to check it out and take more pictures to send to the company that made the door.I then made a visit to Home Depot to complain about the inferior door that they sold me.The Salesman there made a couple of phone calls and assured me that they would have my problems fixed. I then received an email from a company that was a third party that handled the Warranty problems for Masonite.I received a call from a Mr Delaney telling me that he would be in this area on Friday 20 Feb, and Sat 21 Feb to examine the problem with our door.He told me that he was only allowed to do so much and then he went on to tell me that he had some big weather stripping that may cure the problem. He asked me if it was a metal door and when i said yes he said he had a magnetic weather stripping that would stick to it. The large gap still remains inside my door and a new door should not need new weather stripping less than a week after its installed.

  • Da
      27th of Mar, 2015
    0 Votes

    I concur with most everything that is here. I even wrote a post about it here:

    My double doors warped within 3 months, they denied the warranty claim, eventually the builder replaced the active door (he ate it)... It warped again.

    I ended up buying a ThermaTru door and never had any more issues.


  • Ca
      13th of Apr, 2015
    0 Votes

    I'm still awaiting Masonite to get back me concerning a gap in a door that I just purchased and had installed in my home!!! Their customer service needs to be greatly improved. I'm not a happy camper!!!

  • Po
      24th of Sep, 2015
    0 Votes

    I ordered a Masonite custom door from home depot..The size was entered wrong by Home Depot Assoc.Whe door arrived I was told additional 6 wk wait for installation...after scheduling install at time of purchase..
    The door was drilled for key entry.It was drilled for deadlock which I did not order.Weather stripping is on bottom jamb on one side and not on the other..
    The paint started peeling within 7 days.Masonite would not honor their warranty...Masonite customer service said they were aware of problem bu they still produce and retai doors knowing the problem exists.The total dollars for door and installation was $ 1800.00.
    Masonite offered $399 to repaint door...

  • Pt
      7th of Nov, 2015
    0 Votes

    We installed a fiberglass patio door, and entry door, and two steel garage doors. They all leak. When it rains we have water inside. These doors were installed one month ago on new construction. All I want is to rip them out and get new doors. Masonite has sent people out to look three times. They have put silicone around the patio and entry door glass, a new door sould NOT need silicone!!! They leaked through the glass and through the bottom. If we keep these doors in I can already see how hectic our future will be of rotten doors and floors to a new home. I want those doors out, frame and all and get new doors elseware.

  • To
      4th of Jan, 2016
    0 Votes

    My new Masonite door looks good but had problems that were found when I began installation. It was purchased at Lowe's in Athens, Georgia. After my old door was removed, we tried to prepare the new one (0321207639-1, 08/04/15, PO#: P2991816, 35 3/4" x 79" 3Pnl Arch Top Stl Dr Masonite High-Def. (SS) W). Despite removal of the temporary device that keeps the door from opening, the door would not open from the jamb; we found that two of the three staples in its upper right (from the outside view) jamb corner had been mistakenly hammered into the door corner rather than into the top of the jamb. We decided to remove those staples hat were lodged between the metal and wood of the door corner and to use screws to stabilize the jamb's corner rather than to repackage the door, load it up in the rain, and take the necessary hour and a half to exchange it for a new one that would get wet in my pickup on the way back home...keep in mind that our old door was gone, so we could also not lock up our home. Once the door was opened, three screws in the hinges fell out. They had been overly tightened into the jamb, stripping the holes. We compensated for this also, using longer screws, and completed our installation. We wanted to alert you to poor quality workmanship and to poor final inspection of this product in these two ways. Otherwise, the door installed normally and looks good.

  • Up
      21st of Jan, 2017
    +1 Votes

    I can confirm that poor quality of Masonite doors continues in 2017 as does their attitude toward fixing problems. Door I received is unacceptable from a quality standpoint (not drilled properly, not square and molding around glass not flush to glass in places). When I complained the company will not even reply to emails I sent to their "customer service" link on their website. Sure wish I had read all these negative reviews before I purchased my entry system.

  • Di
      17th of Jul, 2017
    +1 Votes

    I can add to this liteny of problems with Masonite. Bought a Masonite special order back door with mini blind between glass installed by Home Depot in March2014.. in April 2017 the glass has moisture between panes and the bottom of the door is rotting ...I painted the door on all sides..right after installation..had it "professionally" installed by Home Depot had my last door on that entry way for 20 years with no problem...Masonite will give me a new glass insert but I have to arrange and pay for installation..they state the door rot is my fault for lack of maintanence what ever that means? Weather stripping and caulk is intacted..Neither Masonite nor Home Depot have been of any help...I will NEVER use either again...

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