Mary Kay / Was lied to did not get prize as promised

Austin, TX, United States

Went to a fair at Mueler airport for a local school. There was a Mary Kay rep holding a drawing for product I submitted my name and stated on it I was NOT interested in selling the product. Later I got a call from the rep saying I was runner up and had won a lip gloss we were planning how she was going to get that to me. She scheduled me to meet her at the pink dot place north austin on a thursday meeting night to pick up my prize. She did not show up and I had to sit through a total sales pitch meeting that I thought was a bunch of BS. And no one had my FREE PRIZE lip gloss that I showed up there for. The director texted my address to the rep to mail my lip gloss. I have left messages with this rep to return my call. I believe I will not get what I was promised my gift I supposedly won and I really do not think the sales rep has the ethics in her and her organization to call me back.

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