Maruti Swift (VDI) / steering wheel hardens

I have a Maruti Swift (VDI) for the last 1 1/2 years. It has been running fine without complaints.
Of late, I noticed that sometimes, while driving, the Steering suddenly becomes hard and the orange light on the Tachometer lights up. I stop the car and switch off the engine. When I restart the car, everything becomes normal.
I referred this to the Maruti Workshop in Noida the first time and they changed a sensor which, they said could have been the problem.
I have also observed that on idle running, while trying the turn the steering left or right, there is a vibration, something like, as if two gears are not meshing properly and there is a play.
The problem still persists, but nobody seems to know the remedy. Surprisingly, the User Manual has no mention of the EPS Orange Light Indicator on the Tachometer, why and when does it light up, what is the reason and what is the remedy.
Can someone facing the same problem, please revert with a solution.

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