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Maruti Esteem / suspension problem

1 India Review updated:

1. this mail is meant for the eyes of the managing director maruti ltd but I have not been able to contact him so if he is around I shall request mr s nakanishi to have a look else any one could forward it to the md maruti I shall be really gr8ful thanx

Dear md,

1. I hope this letter of mine shall find you in great health and spirits.

2. I am capt ankur tanwar, an army officer, presently posted as instructor at the inf school mhow, mp.

3. I do understand that you are very busy man indeed and rightly so. maruti is one company, any indian would be proud of … and at the same time the décorum and dignity of your appointment must be demanding you to burn your midnight oil quite often.

4. but mr md, I am approaching you only after running from all post to pillar, and I guess after trying all my luck. at the onset, I shall request you to please go through once the content of this letter of mine.

5. after enjoying the great hospitality and excellent service of my old maruti car (maruti-800, 2002), I was more than satisfied with this car of mine which was registered on my father name i. e mr katar singh tanwar.

6. because of the great confidence imbibed in me by my old car, when it was time to buy a new addition to the family only one name was to be seen in my priority list, maruti. and sir this time came when I could save some hard carved money, after spending three years of my life at the line of control in j&k.

7. finally, on 28 march 2006, I did bought a maruti esteem lxi from sandhu mortors, ludhiana bearing regd no: hr 51v1605.

8. sir, my night wares started since the first day. I was on leave for 07 days and believe in me getting leave in army is no an easy task. I took the delivery from sandhu motors, bough the car to delhi, being my home town and after that drove the veh to lalgarh jatta cantt, after 04 days which was my service station.
9. initially, I wasn’t satisfied with the a. c. I took the veh to the audi motors at sri ganga nagar which is appx 15 kms from my service station. the veh was barely 10 days old and I was told that only150 gms of gas is present in the cooling unit of the veh, and since, no leakage in the ac unit was detected, so I was to pay for the gas which was filled, since gas doesn’t comes under warranty.

10. after another 20 days, I started experiencing unwanted bumps and I was not at all satisfied with the suspension of the car, sir, try ‘n’ understand here. the veh was almost new I was not so familiar with the car so when I took the veh again to the audi motors for this particular problem, they took a test drive for five mins and I was told that there is no problem, hence I thought that it may be a wrong assumption on my part.

11. then I drove another esteem which belongs to a fellow army officer. I was taken aback, because the suspension was way too smooth and very much comfortable as compared to my car, then, I took the car to nagpal motors at sri ganga nagar. they have carried the service of the car and I was told that some rubber washer was not in a good shape, so they have replaced it and that now there shall be no problem. sir, at this stage the car was just one month old.

12. then I got quite busy with my job and just did not get the time to again take the veh to sri ganga nagar for the inspection. but after the servicing done by nagpal motors I was not satisfied at all. the veh suspension was giving me real good nightmares. so, I decided I will take the car to delhi and get it inspected.

13. then, I took the car to delhi and went to dd motors, mayapuri and complained regarding the suspension problem. there also they have carried out the servicing of the car and I was told that there is no problem with the car. I was depressed and frustrated at that point that I just went back to lalgarh with the car, with a lot of pain in my heart.

14. after that in dec 2006, I got my posting to inf school mhow, I drove the veh from lalgarh to mhow (mp) via delhi.

15. here at mhow after discussing my problem with my fellow officers. we all come to a conclusion that there is some problem with the suspension. sir, please note here that almost all the army officer have got a car and out of them 90% of the us own a maruti car. I have shown my car to a couple of officers who were also, like me proud owner of a maruti esteem car. they also realize that there is something which is missing and that there is some problem with the suspension and the ride is not smooth.

16. then, I took my car to highway motors mhow and complained regarding the same suspension problem. after five min of superficial inspection I was told the same story that there is no problem with the suspension. sir, trust me at that particular time I wanted put a fire to all the service stations of yours. I came back to my residence in mhow.

17. I was so depressed, I felt as if I have been robbed and cheated by some very dear friend of mine. this has started effecting my personal life a lot. I am not a business man, I get a fix salary every month I do have a family which is also my responsibility, so I just could not buy a new veh. after spending a lot of time under tremendous stress and pain. we decided (me and my wife) that we should part with this car now, since it is giving us no good and just bringing a feeling of harassment, self pity, sorrow, sulkiness and all the bad things you could think of.

18. sir, then I took my car to maruti true value shop at indore, which is right next to rukmani motors, indore. it took them five min and one test drive to come to the conclusion that the suspension is faulty.

19. sir, that was turning point, when I have decided that now I shall not leave it at this juncture now. I shall peruse my case now, then again I took my veh to highway motors mhow and complained regarding the suspension problem. this happened finally on 27 mar 08. initially I was told that there is no problem but when I insisted very strongly, then they checked it thoroughly and come to the conclusion that both the front suspension assembly is faulty and need to be replaced. sir, please note here that the veh has done just 10, 000 kms in two years, because my passion for the car was dead, and I have been complaining regarding the suspension since the first month. 27 mar 2008, I took a day off and went to rukmani motors indore, which is appx 20 kms from my place of duty. initially I was given a very cold response and again, I was told that there is no problem with the suspension. then I walked up to the works manager and insisted, then he agreed that he shall get it checked. the suspension (front) assembly was opened and checked and then the same reply was given to me that there is no problem. when I strongly objected, he got the overhauling of the front suspension done. this process nearly took three hours then, I went for a test drive along with mr mahesh gore the technical adviser. finally he agreed that there is some problem, after that he got both the front suspension changed and later in the evening we went for a test drive along with dy works manager mr mahan khanna. alas, the problem was not rectified even then.

21. then I was asked to leave my veh and was given an assurance by mr khanna that he shall get the full insp done and shall come back to me. next day in the evening at around 4 o clock, i. e 1600 hrs I tried his mobile no, which was provided to me by him. he was available on the phone, the next day after at least 10 calls of mine. then finally on 29th mar I went back to the service station on my own.
22. then mr khanna told me that the following faults were found and rectifications done:-

(a) body alignment was not proper as per the chasis and there was some difference of a few mm.
(b) front left suspension was totally replaced.
(c) the whole chasis was opened and greased
(d) all rubber parts i. e washer etc were changed
Pertaining to the suspension (for which I was charged of course).

23. then, I went for a test drive along with mr khanna and sir, to my horror I found that the problem is very much existing. I was heart broken.

24. he told me they have done whatever was possible and I agree to that but what do I do now??? he later told that may be the tires are faulty because of which the veh is not running smoothly. sir, since I have stated earlier also that the veh has done just 10, 000 kms and the tyres are as good as new, then he told me that they have got a brand new esteem and he shall get the tyres replaced and see the effects. but sir, the problem was still there, the problem in the suspension is still there.

25. now, sir after all this I don’t see that any of your service station could help me out of this nightmare of mine, except you. I have also spoken to your customer care, since I wanted to have a word with you, so that I can appraise you of all the mental pressure, of all the physical exhaustion and of all the harassment, I have gone through for the past two years. sir I am endorsing all the necessary documents to support this letter of mine in the hard copy of the letter which is following this. following is the list of your service station where I have got my veh inspected

26. (a) audi motors, shri ganga nagar.
(b) nagpal motors, shri ganga nagar.
(c) dd motors, mayapuri, new delhi.
(d) highway motors, mhow (twice).
(e) patel motors, indore.
(f) maruti true value shop, indore (rukmani motors).
(g) rukmani motors, indore.

27. sir, at the same I shall request you to please find out the vintage of my car from sandhu motors, ludhiana by which I mean that I suspect that this particular car was with the dealer for a long time, I was given the delivery on 28 mar 2006, and when was the car delivered to sandhu motors from your workshop??

28. now sir, tried my level best, I did run from all pillars to post, and after undergoing a lot of mental and physical exhaustion. I am now knocking at your door, now it is in your hand and wisdom either to make me or break whatever remains of the prestige of maruti in our hearts. it is my earnest reqest to you that sir, since no one has been able to help me out and repair my veh, and now I don’t want the veh to be repaired because as per me now it is beyond repair. now what is at stake is my peace of mind and our confidence and trust in maruti. I am also enclosing testimony of army officers who were kind enough to lend me their precious time, understood my problems and who are also proud owners of maruti. (along with the hard copy)

29. sir, now, on the onset, my request to you is that you please get my veh replaced with a new one. I am so very hopeful that you at least shall give my case a suitable thought and adequate time and I shall not be disappointed after coming at your door steps. and sir, being a proud owner and a part of maruti family, you shall rescue me of my nightmares. and I don’t have to look for any other alternatives and walk up to some other forum now, and that my journey shall end here, so that I can start a fresh with the same ray of hopes and confidence with the maruti family.
30. with lots ‘n’ lots of hope, I am now waiting for your decision and I am sure you shall rescue me out of my sleepless night…………… with all my heart and gratitude capt ankur tanwar instr ci ‘b’ pw div the inf school mhow (mp) mob-[protected] land line - [protected]

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  • Sa
      12th of Feb, 2009
    0 Votes

    I agree, Even I own a Maruti Esteem and the suspension is very hard and bumpy, I even changed to bridgestone tubeless tyres, keep air pressure at 26 psi and even changed the 4 shock absorbers as they were 7 years old and were leaky.

    Still the suspension is very hard, I think it has something to do with the hardness of the coil springs, they seem to be extra hard.

    I drive without any load in the car apart from myself (80 kg) and wife (49 kg).

    But when car is loaded with luggage in the rear and 4 adults sitting, supension becomes very soft.

    If some one has some suggestion regarding the softer springs please mail me at

  • Pa
      25th of Feb, 2009
    0 Votes

    I agree. i too own a Maruti Esteem and it has come up with lots of trouble. Not only the suspension rod's problem but also getting many other issues. We are asked to change the suspension rod asap. Power windows do not work properly. Have made rear windows manual. Steering is very hard and we are asked to change the steering rod. We got the car serviced few days back but no improvement. There are a lot of problems and we have got tired of changing the parts all the time. No one has the solution of all its problem. We don't even drive much due to fear to any other damage.


  • Am
      21st of Jun, 2009
    0 Votes

    Hi Ankur, Pallavi, Sandeep.

    I have a Maruti Esteem Lxi 2004 MH 01 YA 3733 model and for a long time the rides have been bumpy and jerky leading to aggravation of my neck spondolitis condition.I have been regularly sending the car for servicing but no one has ever told me that there could be suspension damage.This has been happening for the last 1 -2 yrs.I finally was frustrated and sent the car for special check up and was told that there could be a suspension problem!!!I am shocked that despite regular servicing non one has ever pointed this out.I was stupid to accept my fate as a fait accompli and never thought of actully sending to a workshop.

    Anyways I will keep you posted on the developments at my end.I have ordered a SWIFT now and hope the SWIFT does not give too many issues.I plan to dispose my Esteem soon and obvioulsy not reccomend to any one near and dear ever...

    Amar Kampani

  • Su
      8th of Feb, 2012
    0 Votes

    I too am having problems regarding the ride quality of my Esteem LX. The ride has become very bumpy over the last 8-9 months. I have taken the veh to different garages and have done the following 1) was told that there's a problem with the suspension and hence got it fixed 2) changed the rubbers of the rear shocks 3) fitted new tubeless bridgestone tyres and maintained typre pressure psi 26. It has become a headache. The last thing left to check is the coil springs. If the ride is still bumpy after that, I don't know what to do.

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