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Maruti / cutomer service

1 India Review updated:

Dealer has not provided me details of depricitaion. some item charged wrong or twice.
Accessories of vehicles removed. even stenpney changed withthe worst one.
Though the maruti interfered but the dealer has no fear or has bad reputation. till date refund has been made as committed in front of maruti representative.

I will not leave easily if not refunded and compesated to me.

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  • Al
      29th of Aug, 2007
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    Maruti - Customer is a fool

    My name is Alok kumar i am district transport officer (DTO) in supoul district. I have to deliver a serious feedback against maruti sales standard.

    I bought m-800 last year from Vau's Automobiles, during delivery I was kept sitting for more than 4hrs only because I wanted to pay for vehicle & insurance only, and dealer was not ready to deliver vehicle without getting registration charge in their hand. When I asked them how much I need to pay for the registration they shown me the pricelist which holds rs.2200/- extra than govt. registration tax. I refused to pay as I myself was DTO and told them very clearly to deliver my vehicle without registration then I was told boldly its Maruti's norm that you will get company discount only if you will buy the car on road price. I felt like cheated because I was waiting in the showroom with my family since last two hrs. Despite of that when I told them that I am going they said in special case they will try to talk to their boss regarding this. Believe me they took more than an hour just contacting their boss or owner whatever... several time I asked each of right from representative to their managers, and them what happened? But there was same answer we are trying to proceed your request lets see what happens? Finally I was asked to pay Rs.750/-, as a charge of temporary registration, which is, must for delivery, without this they can’t deliver any Maruti Vehicle. I paid Rs.750/- even after knowing that I am paying Rs.500/- extra than govt. fixed tax for temp. reg. I was not in condition that I can tolerate their practice of money making.I was out with my new maruti 800 and trying to forget all those harassments, my got car stopped after running few hundred meters because there was not a single drop of petrol left in the petrol tank. I sent one of my friend to bring petrol by autorikshaw. I went back to Vau’s Automobiles instead of temple and gave a nice feedback and a written complaint against delivering vehicle without petrol.

    It was not just end of my sufferings, next day when I called up Vau’s Automobiles, to get my temporary reg, no. I was said “Sir you will get it tomorrow” and till today I am waiting for that “TOMORROW” I have not received my temporary no yet, while I have successfully registered my vehicle in supoul without Tempo Registration, because of my designation. In stead of returning Rs.750- they asked me to give an application requesting to refund while according to their manager it depends upon the maruti’s consideration.

    Mean while I have visited the Dealership more than 20times almost whenever I visit Patna. My representative said he has given my file for refund along with my complaint & refund application & manager says it will take time. Its going to be more than one year but I have not received any call/temporary reg doc/ or REFUND from your so called dealer Vau’s automobiles. When ever I call up, they say -yes yes just next week, you will get it. Whenever I visit they say next Monday or if its Monday then Fryday. After few months there are new faces who don’t know anything about me or mycase- ready with a excuse that- sir last that staff left the job I am sorry on his behalf, you please come next week, and again there is a new face next week.

    But these all are not the reason of my complaint after one year of delivery I decided to send this mail when visited Vau’s Automobiles, this time where I was informed that the representative left the job and its almost impossible to get back Rs.750/-. In a whispered voice comment -“Look! how people buy a car, they run to get their Rs.750/- back even after one year of delivery.” Followed by a laughter all among the staffs standing few meters away from me and watching me with the corners of their eyes.

    Thanks to Maruti for giving this much of respect to your customer.

    Yours truly,

    Alok Kumar

  • Rg
      29th of Sep, 2007
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    Maruti - Poor service!

    Pls note following is the detail of my Vehicle purchased from Pasco-Peeragarhi, New Delhi. I received the RC for the above mentioned vehicle on 15th of june and it was returned back as the HP / lease bank was written wrongly as ICICI instead of Unit Trust Bank. UTI Bank provided the loan for the purchase of the vehicle. Till date i have not received my RC or any satisfactory reply.

    Beware people!

  • Ga
      22nd of Nov, 2007
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    Maruti - Delivery delay

    I had booked the VXi car on 19/10/2007. I was suppose to get the delivery in the first week of November as per promise from the delaer. I am yet to receive the delivery. Every time, dealer says that there are some delivery issues from Maruti and it will delivered in a week's time. Its pathetic that country's leading car company and its dealer fail to inform the possible delivery period to customer.

    I expect at least, inform the customer the possible time of delivery sothat the customer can plan accordingly. Already my festive celebration and subsequent leave plan went in disarray. If such kind of service is delivered at the time buying, I can't even imagine what will happen once I receive the car. It seems that "Count on us" motto needs to be modified where different kind of counting is required (days to delivery).


  • An
      8th of Feb, 2008
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    Maruti - Bad quality of product!

    My car has undergone repair more then twenty times within warranty but still same problem persists. The problem is the wheel assembly on front left side. Never buy Wagon R or rather ant Maruti car. They sell inferior products in India. Like old Esteem engine is Swift and Balenco chasis/engine in SX 4. They cannot afford to do this nonsense anywhere in the world except India.

  • Yo
      27th of Feb, 2008
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    I have taken NATMAR insurance.I have very experience of this.Dealer apra auto Gurgaon has chargd extra without any reason.No proper responce from MARUTI.
    I am going to raise this issue in GENERAL BODY metting of matuti in front of its top official.

    Sugetion: Do not think about Maruti product.No body will help U in your Dark Days.

  • Et
      30th of Mar, 2008
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    Maruti - Craking of wind shield

    i bought maruti zen lx model m/s maurya motors chennai during oct 2003 and i have encounterd two peculiar problems with my vehicle
    1.the wind shield had cracked for three times probably due to faulty front suspension/strut
    2.when there is a heavy rains water stagnates inside the car-in the front side below left side seat
    both these problems have only reduced faith on maruti products and deep mental disturbance will the people concernd look in the matter to give me peace of mind up keep the reputation of maruti

    b-1/ff, vijay court,
    no;2 balfour road,

  • Am
      23rd of Apr, 2008
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    Maruti - An Appeal - Pls. Guys Stop Purchasing Maruti

    An Appeal - Pls. Guys Stop Purchasing Maruti

    Now a Days Maruti is worst company, which i have seen inmy life more over i will not hesitate to say it as worst than public sector org.

    1) This company always talk about Customer satisfaction but don't Know its definition actually.

    2) Sure Maruti is Enjoying its 13% + Growth, that is why it doesn’t effect if 2/3 % customers cat. they loose .

    3) Dealers are worst than local (can’t write here) as they have no prob. to retain customers as demand is very high. (Always ready to say lena hai to nahi to jao)

    4) Dealer made their own rules.(Like sahookars)

    5) Any time Maruti not respond any time or not in whole life for aam aadmi problems./RO nobody presents on seats either they are always busy in meetings or dealer visits .
    (Sorry it’s a use less effort)

    6) Powerful persons can buy any time maruti even without advance booking even directly from maruti factory . (Same Day any model)

    More over its is begg. even after spend lakhs of ruppes .

    If this happens this company will be shut down in 10 years.

    But we are common person like a dog who always bark..

    Atleast I’ll not buy my next car from maruti in future (Rest depends on other ppls. But no doubt soon they will realize ) Hindustan me bheed chal hai)

    (I wish I can publish it in news paper as I have community of ppls. With me of similar problems ) but it’ll take time as papers deny as maruti is biggest advertised with them/// wht a myth

    Cheers ...

    Best Regars,
    Mamuli Aadmi

  • De
      24th of Jun, 2008
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    I strongly agree... and i must say that Maruti is the most worst Car Manufacturer in India.

    I'm fighting a case against Maruti Udyog in consumer court from last 4years, but alas... Our Judicial system... it gives the decision when u die.. or ur product turns into a pile of junk... instead of ruling that Consumer disputes will be resolved in 3months...

    So dear friends to whom we should say is wrong... Companies like Maruti or our Judiciary who give the space for such fraudlants...


  • Ra
      21st of Jan, 2010
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    i went in ranchi sushila showroom (maintenance devision), i was having some doubt so i asked about customer care manager, then one staf told me no ccm is there since last 2 months, this is very bad, this is not a stander of MARUTI

  • Ra
      24th of Jul, 2010
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    With due respect I would like to inform you one complaint.I own a Maruti Sx4 numbered KL-31 4488.Once I approached Indus Motors Kanjirappally with the complaint of a sound from the front side.They told me that the steering box was having some problem and they replaced it(steering box assembly).Then I had warranty and the kilometers of my car was 25152 Then it was okay.Rightnow my car is just 30000 km and something and it shows the same complaint .I reported the same to INDUS MOTORS Kanjirappally in the service period of 30000km .Then they assured me that they will make it ready.Now I have ran out of my warranty.I had already applied to extend my warranty period, I paid rs6000 for that; that time I had normal warranty period .After two weeks they informed me that they did not get the warranty extented and they returned the money .
    Now I can not even drive my car due to the sound from the steering box.I am terribly disappointed with the the service and what should I do?Hope you understood my situation.Please take neccesarry actions.

    Yours faithfully
    Ansar Padickal
    Mbl-+91 9645009009

  • Su
      13th of Apr, 2011
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    Maruti - Delay of delivary

    I have booked the car, Swift Dzire VDI in Kalyani Motors, B.G.Bangalore on 29th januvary 2011.They were commited several times, we belive it is quite difficult to get the vehicle in time.We'ld like to know, what is the problem for this much of delay which is happening too.If it get more than the commited time to required the delivery means, we are very much sorry to say going for other company cars.

  • Li
      10th of Jun, 2011
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    With due respect I would like to inform you one complaint. I own a Maruti wagon R lxi chassis no: 2022633.But soon after the 2 weeks of delivery, there is some noise from the front tyre while applying breaks in slopes. Now i just finished my second free service at INDUS MOTORS muvattupuzha. At the time of both my free services i told them about this problem, but still the problem remains the same. I’m extremely sorry to say that ‘m really disappointed with your service. Hope you understood my situation. Please take necessary actions.

    Yours faithfully
    Lilly Thampy
    Mbl : +91 9746150532

  • Va
      9th of Nov, 2011
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    Maruti - Unsatisfied Service
    ABT Maruti Ltd

    I have complaint about unsatisfied service from ABT Maruthi, Tirupur Service centre, from initial service itself
    every 5000kms i was serviced my car at ABT Maruthi at Tirupur, even if it s small issue i could preferred solve with them.But recently my 65000kms service i have a steering tight and brake drums creech...sound, i was already informed them but nobody get corrected, then i went to them direcly, no response and not solved ..Since i have a problem stll now, i am crossed now 70000kms.So pls take a necessary steps to clear the same and I will request to you, pls instruct them to give a good customer service.Thanking you.

  • Na
      10th of Jun, 2016
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    Maruti - Manufacturing
    Maruti suzuki swift dzire

    Dear sir,

    I am using maruti suzuki swift dzire. for the past few months am facing lots of problems in my car. Past august month i went for kerala from karaikal during that time clutchplate was burn in a lonely roadwith my parents and suffered a lot. Then previous month power steering was not working properly and audio control also not working then driver seat belt lose, so the airbag indication is stable to indicate, in short period original horn failed and so i take my car and went to ABT maruti services in gundy at chennai, there they told it may be manufacturing problem. So i maybe consider my feedback and take actions to get my car back with proper condition. My email id is

  • Gb
      10th of Jun, 2016
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    I have purchased on ALTO from Mitra Agencies, Vijayawada on 15.10.2009. From Day 1, there was problem in clutch pedal ply and roam rear view mirror attached to the roof of the car. These two complaints were not attended and solved since then.

    During third free service which I gave it on 10.08.2010, i again listed the complaints, along with third complaint regarding adjustment of both front and back guards (probably called crash guards or mud guards)

    When the car was delivered to me I was not present.
    The person who delivered the car gave some inaudible explanation to my daughter regarding the third complaint which they did not attend.

    The next day when I sat in the driving seat, I found to my horror, a rubber piece measuring three inches has been put between the roam mirror and roof so that it will not shake.

    When I questioned above the arrangement made, nobody is there to reply. The so called advised who took the car for servicing was giving varied replies on each day.

    I simply asked him as this is a defective piece the entire thing should be replaced and not this type of horrible arrangement.

    If the maruti suzuki's standard of service is only this, probably they should have made public before the sell their car to the prospective buyer.

    I request Maruti Suzuki to give suitable instructions to their Dealer 2601 regarding roam mirror and clutch ply.

    I hope some good customer relationship will prevail at the earliest.

    my e mail address :

  • Al
      10th of Jun, 2016
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    Maruti - alto lx

    Dear sir,
    I have Alto 800 LX car having Engine no 3327455 chasis no 776320 and reg no MP-04_CA-8706.I took service from Adinath Moter Sagar last week and charged a expensive bill say about Rs 5000 with all my troubles.But Iam sorry to inform you that they did not check thoroughly and made a mistake with gas line disconneced which I foud next day when the gas was escapping directely to the bonut.Secondly after 200 Km journey towards Shahdol away from Sagar the foudation bolt of Engine has torn out without any serious fault or mistake by me.when I was on journey with my family and there were no support except God.Any how I spent night and rushed the vehicle to Sidhi town to safegaurd me and my family.I would like to know that such part can be bereak without any notice or indication is quiet right ?I faced a great trouble if the total Engine might fall from the base.Once god helped me but not not Your servic team.All your system need for some good technic or support to avoid this type of fault to relif your customer and teachings to your service provider that they maight seen this blunder and inform the customer during time of service in earlier.
    Pankaj Yadav Singrauli.

  • Vi
      10th of Jun, 2016
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    Maruti - Insurance amount fraudulently made higher than the claimed one

    I had a dented scratch on my Maruti Wagon R. I went to the Service Station with it. I was more than happy to find out that I had to shed only 500/- to remove that by painting the whole 2 doors if I claim for the damage. The service Engineer said that if I didnt claim, I will be losing around 6,500/- . So I agreed to raise the claim. The other loss will be a 1,500/- in a No-Claim Bonus next year when I renew my policy. Anyway It seemed cool to shed 500/- + 1,500/- which is damn lessen than 6,500/-.

    A couple of days later I received the vehicle with painting finished and no one would say that there was a scratch there...

    I went to remit 500/- to the cash counter. The cashier accepted the money, and when she turned around, I saw my service history booklet. It had all details like free and paid Services done to my car. Since the cashier went off for sometime I had a chance to go through it. Then I saw the last work done which was nothing but the claim work done. I was astonished to find out that the total amount was around 18,000/- , three times more than that of the claim, and it said that the whole right side of my vehicle was damaged like it was involved in a heavy accident. It said about welding, replacing mirrors, indicators, lights, glass etc. What I went to the service station was to do a simple scratch removal, and see what these guys changed that to.

    At first I didnt get why these guys did this and how I will be affected with this. I thought I got the job done, and left the place.

    But later when I thought of this, I came to know of the consequences. These guys store this as a part of service history. That means whatever I saw will be in my vehicle's history and when I go for a True Value assessment so that I can sell my vehicle, this history will be taken into consideration, and since it says it was a major accident, It will affect the assessment of my vehicle's price. The next thing is that the insurance company is getting cheated by these guys and gradually the premium amount will get increased in a later while when more and more claims get on like this, and the end users like us will have to bear this cost, and meanwhile the leeches like these guys will be befitting from this and indirectly we will get cheated again.

    When I inquired about this, some of my friends said that they had noted this probs earlier, but were dead-feared to report this since some of the Insurance guys will be with this kind of people to make this a lobby, and will be heavily influential, and thatz why they didnt report this.

  • Yo
      10th of Jun, 2016
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    i am also sufrring the same problem.
    my wagon R was in bad condition and the dealer apra auto gurgaon has THEFT my accesories from my car.after my shouting they returned my tool kit,wiper blade etc. even they replaced my stepnay with a FATICHER one.
    i am taking legal recourse against Dealer,national insurance and maruti if not refunded my amout to me.

  • La
      10th of Jun, 2016
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    Maruti - They know nothing about customer service and how to talk to customers
    United States

    At every step of purchasing my Swift from Rohan Motors Dehradun, I felt cheated. I bought a car in 2006 so that I get a 2006 model car but after paying I was told that the car is a 2005 model. The accessories also even though they were Maruti ones where charged more than the other Maruti dealer.

    In less than one year the front tyers are kind of bald as the alignment was not checked at Rohan Motors nor did they see the tyers balding. When the third service was done at Lucknow, the dealer told me that the alignment was out and hence the condition of the tyers. Rohan Motors still seem to be not bothered when I informed there Works Manager. He knows nothing about customer service and how to talk to customers.

    Even after I sent a complaint to the corporate office no one from the corporate office has contacted me.

  • De
      10th of Jun, 2016
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    Dear Sir, I had purchased a Swift Desire Mariti Car colour azure gray mettlic in the Year 2009 . Now I changed the original colour into Pearl White Mettellic Colour at Jaybee, Tinsukia (Assam). In addition, 2 nos. of bumpers for rear and front, grill for front and fog light has also been replaced. The Agency claims an amount of Rs. 59000/- for it. I think the charge is too much. kindly confirm me the actual charged involved for colouring, change of 2 nos. of bumbers, grill for front, fog light and labour cost seperately it in the mail ID. for my self satisfaction. Thanx. Yours sincerely, Deepak Tayeng, GHSS, Bomdila(Arunachal Pradesh) - 790001

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