We have purchased our windows from Marlboro windows in Ottawa Ontario for our newly built home. We provided them with the blue print and ordered at the time single hung for the entire house. 10 days after moving in, we had a strong cold wing in March and have noticed that the windows where leaking a substantial amount of cold air and had ice buildup . when I raised the concern, I was told that this was normal due to condensation. Long story short, we had order Plexiglas to be installed in front of all our windows at a cost of $8000 to stop the draft. 4 years later all the seals broke and turned brown yellow, sign of defective product.
About a year later, we could not see clearly outside due to fogginess buildup inside the window.
The company evaded us and denied any responsibility, and 10 years after the fact we had to replace the entire windows and doors facing the west side and waiting to get financially strong to replace the east side.
Consumers in Canada are left to fend the shark crooks selling defective product for big box and getting away with it.
when is the government going to intervene and punish those unscrupulous company ?.

May 06, 2017

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