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I have smoked these cigarettes for years and am very disappointed. I went and bought 2 carton of these cigarettes 2/7/18 only to find that they have changed the cigarettes and are now rather nasty, they are more like the regular Menthol 100s which I don't buy for that reason. The normal (apparently now older) pack had Marlboro written in blueish writing on the filter and now the filters have 2 gold rings and the writing in a blueish gray color. I have a pack of each and the difference is clearly evident in flavor and packaging. Now I am either going have to change back to Newports or find a different brand that is on that I like and am now out the money and stuck with nasty tasting cigarettes. The only positive thing is at least the cartons we bought each had a $ .50 coupon on each pack so payed $5.00 less for them but I am still pissed off that I wasted my money and got a nasty product in return. Either change back to what they were or I will spend my money elsewhere. Also a refund for the product would be greatly appreciated since I have to now go buy a pack on Newports or Camels.

Feb 08, 2019
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  • Iu
      Feb 08, 2019


    That sounds pretty cruddy to buy something and it not be what you expected...with NO warning! Hopefully the company put up some info on their site or put out a press release about a recipe/ingredient change.
    You might evenbe able to get a refund or rebate if you reach out to them directly and tell them the same thing you wrote here.

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  • Sh
      Feb 09, 2019

    I called Marlboro a couple days ago having the same issue with Marlboro black 100s. They admitted to a packaging error. More bowl is aware of this issue and the vendors selling Marlboro is aware of this issue and yet they are still stocking the shelves with these faulty cigarettes today. I guess they are trying to make as much money back as possible but I’m tired of smoking these nasty shorts. I bought nicotine patches today. I guess if I’m going to quit, now would be the best time! I’ve been dealing with this for a week and a half now. I smoke 75% less then I did when I enjoyed my cigarettes. The cigarettes have been messed up since January 20th (earliest complaint I’ve found) and they still haven’t removed them from the shelves and replaced them with the correct ones. They make too much money from cigarette smokers to deliberately screw us over in my opinion. Yet that’s what they are doing. They did offer a refund but I didn’t want to sit on the phone that long. That was 6 packs ago. I’m sure they are making more money back then they are losing because people assume they just changed the look or they don’t want to sit on the phone either. Only problem is, they taste awful too so it isn’t just the look. They have Marlboro red 100s packaged in Marlboro black 100s boxes.

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