Marlboro / marlboro 100's softpack

I have smoked Marlboro cigarettes for approximately 16 years and I've never received a carton of cigarettes I paid almost $100 for in the state of Minnesota the entire carton was still I try the first pack it was still I try to so I can pack it was still need to pack I tried was completely still I cannot believe this happened I will not continue to smoke Marlboro cigarettes in this is taken care of now please please take this into consideration Minnesota pain is considerable tax I still choose Marlboro I can't use other cigarettes that are not as expensive let me and this also I have to drive over 50 miles with gas at $4 per gallon to get Marlboro 100 soft pack a special conversation here or I will file a complaint for selling defective or expired merchandise with the attorney general in the state of Minnesota in the state in which Marlboro RJR Reynolds resides thank you for your consideration I hope this is taken care of and probably matter you can email me at [protected] I will be seeking further compensation if this is not resolved I have never made a complaint in the many many years I have smoke your cigarettes but I felt like I had to say something paying $100 per carton driving 50 miles to get them and paid 10 bucks a pack thank you call me please as soon as somebody receive this email to let me know that has been addressed and [protected] expected prompt response by Monday morning thank you

Nov 26, 2016

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