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Iwas purchasing marlboro 2 pack specials with $2.00s off.marlboro menthol, menthol lights, at wal-mart in plainview texas.I had probably been buying these cigarettes for months thinking that i was getting a day i go and just to grab some candy by the register and some cigarettes, the 2 pack specials of marlboro.the cashier rings up my stuff, so i pay for it, not paying attention to how much it is.later on i look at the reciept and notice i did not get my discount, so i go to the customer service dept, they finally give my a $5.00 gift card for the refund on my cigarettes and say they are going to take all of the $2.00 discount, 2pack, cigarettes down, and fix them in the computer where it will take the $2.00 discount off.I went back about a week ago from that time and bought some more of those same cigarettes and nothing had changed. i tried to get my money back many of times and still have some reciepts to show i didnt get my discount.they told me they didnt know what to do, or the person that did that was im out of about $14.00s, plus tax.what am i suppose to do?

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  • Pa
      27th of Apr, 2012

    Stop smoking

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  • Li
      14th of May, 2012

    you must not buy them, because you would know that you are wrong.and i have, who is the stupid one?by the way, thats not very does it feel to be called stupid.all i want is to be treated fairly and my money back.they have done alot of people like that at wal-mart in plainview texas, and havent done anything to correct the where does it end?it doesnt.they are making marlboro look bad.and dont worry about me dont support my habit.

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