Mango Airlines / FlyMangoconfusing payment system resulting in double payment

I have been trying to reach someone at MANGO to discuss a booking I made last night (29 January) which resulted in a double payment (booking refs: PHQBDP and PHQCBQ).

The reason my husband and I paid twice is because the payment form on the online-booking asked me to put in a one-time password (an OTP) which was sms'd to my phone. However, the sms was delayed and by the time I tried to insert the OTP, the transaction had been suspended. When I then went back online to book the tickets again, the prices on our preferred flight dates had increased and we then decided to change the dates by two days. When I tried to pay for this changed flight, my credit card was declined. Since there was no reason given for why it had been declined, we then used my husband's credit card to make the payment.

I was then emailed confirmation of both the first and second bookings and, on checking my bank statement, discovered that I had in fact paid for the first booking, although the transaction had been suspended.

Most frustrating is that all my attempts to reach a Mango consultant during work hours the today have so far been in vain. I've had no response to email, and run out of airtime waiting for a consultant. I would really like a mango employee to call me back, explain how this happened, and tell me how to get a refund for one of the flights.

Jan 30, 2017

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