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I am most disgusted at the call centre agents that are linked on the [protected] optional 2 number. Having called in to enquire as to why the rates when booking directly with Mango Airlines are much more expensive when compared to Flight Centre Travel I was addressed by an absolutely rude lady who told me the service fees was 100.00 and I told her but flight centres service fees are 215.00 and how come when booking directly thro mango the flights are not cheaper. She was absolutely rude and cut me off without even giving me an explanation. The unfortunate part about all of this is that I work for South Africa's leading carpet manufacting industry with it being Pietermaritzburg second largest employment companies. I am responsible for all the bookings with all Airlines and I will never allow my travel agencies to use Fly Mango again.

Feb 06, 2015
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      Mar 15, 2015

    Booking Details with MANGO
    Reference Number MGSFRD
    Passenger Details (3 adults) – please refer to the booking details
    Flight Details: Johannesburg to Cape Town
    Flight Details: Cape Town to Johannesburg 18:30 – 20:45 Flight JE161
    19:15 – 21:20 Flight JE168 Friday 27 Feb 2015
    Monday 02 Mar 2015
    Payment Details Credit Card
    Payment Status – PAID IN FULL
    ZERO outstanding amount Payment was made on the 20th January 2015.
    NOTE: just over a month before the flight
    1. On the afternoon of the day of departure from Johannesburg to Cape Town my husband, daughter and left our home in Roodepoort at 15h30 and arrived at the airport at about 16:45 for our flight at 18h30 after having parked our car at the long term parking.
    2. We proceeded to the check-in desk to check-in our luggage and this is when we were subjected to the most brazen of attitudes displayed by the desk clerk (male) and then Naledi Mothene (an extremely arrogant lady) from Guest Services and afterwards the rude behaviour by the supervisor on duty at the time
    This is what transpired:
    1. We were requested to produce the credit card with which the flights were booked and unfortunately we did not bring the credit card along. We did however produce all other necessary documentation like identification documents for all of us as well as proof of the credit card payment which reflects on the credit card statement. (The supervisor asked where the reference number reflected on the credit card statement). I asked for a computer or an internet cafe to access my email where a copy of the credit card was kept but was brushed off. However much we tried to resolve the matter, it was summarily rejected by the desk clerk and later on the supervisor showed the same intent...the intention was very clear that they were not prepared to assist us in any way even though we pleaded with them because of a wedding we had to attend at 9h00 the following morning..
    2. The payment was made on the 20th January 2015 and the invoice reflected a ZERO balance and yet the supervisor was not prepared to try in any way to resolve this matter for us. Taking into account the time that was still left before the boarding gates closed, this matter could easily have been resolved. I have to state emphatically that we have never ever been embarrassed anywhere else like we have been embarrassed by your staff on this day.
    3. We subsequently had to forgo our attempt at being assisted and left the airport at 19h00. We had to be at the airport by 5am the following morning to go on standby and had to park our vehicle at a cost of R500.00 till Monday the 2nd March as we were so desperate to get onto a flight. We then had to pay an additional amount of R400.00 per person to have our tickets upgraded to go on standby.

    Being in a Recruitment position for a number of years, I am fully aware of Customer Service and its sad to say that none of your staff know the meaning of Customer Service. Let me give you a brief overview of what Customer Service means “Customer Service sets great businesses apart from the rest. Customers are the reason that businesses exist. Keeping those customers happy means being responsive to their needs and wants. A good customer service experience can turn a one-time customer into a lifelong repeat customer. People like to share their good experiences. Excellent customer service can turn into positive word of mouth’’.

    In the light of this utterly poor display of service and inconsideration for any form of Customer Service, we are demanding an apology from Mango Airlines and the staff on duty on that particular day. We also want to be refunded for any addition costs incurred by ourselves.

    Should this not be forthcoming in the next 7 days we will seek further guidance and we will publish this incident to ensure that future customers are not treated in the same manner and I will also inform every single person I know not to book with Mango Airlines ever again because of the disgusting service we received..

    NB: My family and I have flown with Kulula on numerous occasions and we have never been asked to produce a credit card, only our identification documents.

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