Mango Airlines / bad service and attitude and o response after a month and still waiting

South Africa Review updated:

I submitted the below complaint on the 30.08.2010 and todate no response,
Never ever will I or my family and my friends travel with you again!!
On the 28th myself and my husband had a flight with you at 11:10 I had a function to attend in durban at 13:00pm

I left home at 10:10 I live off barbara road so you know the airport is 5 minutes away. Unfortunalty out of my control there was an incident on the road but I made it at the departures section at 10:34 at your damn self service machine which didn't work and wasted 10 minutes of my time the lady standing there tells me to go to the check in counter, my husband myself and my friend run to the counter only to get told that "i missed my flight" however on the over boards I see that my flight is still boarding??? The lady no help and not friendly at all looks me in the eye and tells me I missed my flight and she can put me on stand by. That's it no explanation no procedure advise nothing I explained to her that I am here still have half an hour I really have to be in durban before 13:00 and the board says bording the damn plane did not take off yet!!!

Still no help she doesn't even look at us and says sorry she can put me on a standby and that I should go to the sales counter so we ran there - (Still wasting time) I tell the guy my story and he doesn't even look in the system or call someone to check if I still could go nothing he just says that I must go on a standby - then I try to explain to him I did not intentionally come late I still have half an hour I wasted time at the self service please help me call someone and he doesn't!!! So now im furious and someone comes up behinds him looks and goes to the back my guess his manager and doesn't want to deal with me! He still does nothing but give me attitude and explains to my husband that we have to pay r300 to be on a standby if we get it then I ask him r300 per person or for both and he ignores me then I shout is it for 1 person or both and he refuses to answer and speaks something else I had to bang the counter to get his attention and repeat myself only then he said for both.

Now I have already paid for our seats I am there and the plane is still boarding and I never one heard a final boarding call with our names. But I have to be on a standby and pay r600 more are you damn kidding me!!!

You people are rip offs my husband and my friend saw that and believe me bad news travels people. And I did end up going for the function and everybody asked my why I was late and believe me I left their jaws on the ground explaining how pathetic you people are and im just getting started. I still have hellopeter and the newspaper to go to.

I still enquire if I had to cancel that guys says I will loose the money I paid. I have to say though well done you really know how to knock people off.

Thank heavens I get on the standby which by the way they tell us 10 minutes before departure that we should get on (I was at my original flight 35 minutes early) ???

We get on and im late for my function - we return home the sunday only to find that our bags had been rattled in... !!!

You guys make me sick you lying money stealing ripping off idiots

All this tell me is that you put other people on my seats that where on stand by and therefore declined me - it tells me your [protected]@p story of being the 40 minutes early is nonsense as we were told 10 mins before departing not boarding departing that we could get on and you damn creeps go through my stuff which by the way I didn't have to check in on the saturday but had to check in my bag the sunday and nothing extra was put in my bad to make it 9kg's so either saturday you didn't do your job or sunday either way you failed

I demand a refund - a letter of appology and explainations to all of the above by the 03.09.2010

I will get you that incompetant idiots name that gave me attitude as I have written it down and he still had the damn nerve to back chat at me when I left the counter and I turn around to ask him what he was saying and he ignored my what customer service is this??? Also when we had to come back to wait for a stand by my husband was in the line to tell them we here this idiot was open at his computer and ask if he was open he say no he is busy with something as soon as the other lady was free and call my husband this damn fool called the next customer!!!Whats that???

No later that friday

Jamie ballaram


[protected]@hotline.Co. Za

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      Apr 18, 2016

    This is In fact a Compliment regarding one of ur check in clerk Nangomso Mtirharha myself and my partner boarded a plane from PE and we had our own personal issues to an extent that we were not on speaking terms. We got to this lady's counter she was so friendly and from nowhere cracked a joke that myself and partner forgot that we were at loggerheads. Big up girl...ur smile measure a lot to someone

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