Malindo Air / pre-book seats paid for but services not received.

I pre-book my seating when I book my flight tickets as I wanted my family to seat together for our flight from KUL to Kuching and return. Flight OD1606 Kul - Kch and OD1605 Kch - KUL. But when I did the web check in 48 hours before my flight, Malindo air DID not reserved my pre-book seats that I paid RM53 x 4 = RM212 for. My seats were not assigned and I was prompt to do the normal seat selection just like normal passengers who did not pre-book seating. I managed to select back the same seats as I pre-book because it was not taken up by other passengers as I did my web check in early. Simply said, Malindo DID NOT provide the service that I paid for that is Pre book seats.
On my return flight KCH - KUL OD1605, I did counter check in and was given seats that is also not as Pre-book seats. My pre-book seats selected was in ROW 11 but was assigned ROW 24.
I made a complaint to customer care Malindo but was offered refund only for my return flight. Simply because I have managed to get the same seats on my KUL - KCH flight OD1606. But the opoint is that Malindo DID NOT provide the service that I paid for that is to reserve my pre-book seats specially for me. I had to select the seats as other not pre-book passengers. Malindo just said I have the same seats as pre-book. But that is Cheating.
Malindo cannot use this as an excuse in not refunding me fully. As they have not provided me the service that I paid for.
I demand that Malindo refund me in full.

Nov 28, 2017

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