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Subang airport Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

I am really fed up and so frustrated with this staff name: SHERMIL staff no: M05517 malindo airline ground staff at Subang Airport Kuala Lumpur. I'm currently taking my flight here to Penang and I'm currently 30 weeks pregnant. While I wan to check in my luggage, she said that I'm over 27 weeks and required a doctor letter from me, I showed her the letter and she insisted that my doctor letter already invalid cause it only last for one week, while my doctor told to be valid for one month. But I've already make the confirm with my doctor and also Penang Malindo staff before I proceed to the ticket that it can be valid until today 20/8/2017! I've been told by Penang Malindo staff that as long as I sign the indemnity letter then I can onboard. I've told her repeated but she insisted wants a pregnant lady to have so much heavy luggage on her hand and goes to the clinic at subang here to get another doctor letter. At first it was still ok for me because since she said the clinic is just upstairs, so I went up and down by STAIRS because there are no escalator at subang airport here to the clinic, with so much heavy luggage, unfortunately the clinic was closed, so I went down to the staff again correct her again with my confirmation before I proceed with the ticket, but she still insisted wan me to go car or walk to the nearest clinic to get a doctor letter for her, my flight was on 8pm and it was already 7.04pm on that time. I thought it was so insane and required her to ask the manager to see me, what her replied to me was, 'it was just a wasting of time because no point to see her manager because will be the same that won't release me for the flight also and she was right and wants me to get the doctor letter no matter how', showing her arrogant face at the same time. Don't even pity an expectant mum bringing heavy thing rush here and there. After the other staff told her something and she decided to call to the manager to check and finally her manager call back to her and ask her to release me with the indemnity letter. So what if i happen something, fall down from the stairs while taking so much heavy luggage on hand and rushing to get her the letter so I able to get onboard? And also what if I really walk away to other nearest clinic as told to do by her to get her the letter just to proof that she is right and confirm with the policy? Will she bear the consequences and bear all my fees if I need to stay alone at KL or rebuy another ticket and any accident happen on me? In the end she let me proceed and I ask her that, is it your mistake that you never read and understood your own company policy and create your own mindset not helpful at all to check out the policy and everything, wasting a customer time, and also a pregnant lady to walk here and there with heavy things. She just showed up her face and don't even say a sorry! Don't even know her requirement as a respective and courtesy staff! So is the company or her able to bear all this consequence??? Please seriously take action on this staff who don't even know respect an expectant mother and also don't even bother to check the correct policy for the customer. Seriously upset.

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Malindo Air
Malindo Air
Malindo Air

Sep 20, 2017

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