Malaysia Airlines / unethical behaviour

kuala Lumpur, MY

21 nov 2017 - i book Mas from KL to Gungzhou (Booking No. TCEJFL ) from 5 Jan to 9 Jan 2017.

My staff n Me spoke to Mas staff Ms Lizzy at 12.15pm confirming my ticket n payment received which she did confirmed.This is because me and my 2 partners had to meet my client who is only available in Guangzhou at 3pm on 5 Jan 2017 (Friday).

22 Nov 2017 Mas proudly offer me to " Get Upgrade "

23 Nov 2017, Mas notify me that my flight has changed to 6 Jan to 9 Jan 2017 instead ( no reason or explantion given ) .

When i call up the customer service (English Version), the lady there told me that either if follow the notification sent ot me or no refund will be given to me.

i got furious and told her is this the way Mas cheat their customers monies. she say she will email to Mas as request for refund which will get a reply after 72 hours but cannot guarantee refund will be given. Alternatively she ask me to call the Bahasa Malaysia Line cos it is form Kuala Lumpur office.

I then spoke to Cik Ida and she was kind enough to check for me. she told me the next day on 24 Nov 2017 that there is a circular mentioning that refund is allowable. i requested for the an email to confirm it.

Then, a reply came from gccc.[protected] with the status " REFUNDED " for the cancellation of your flight From KL to Guangzhou on the 5th Jan 2017 by Malaysian Airlines. BUt no refund was made yet to my Infinite Visa Card

When i called the hotline again, Cik Ida assured me that Mas will refund MYR 2, 350.14 to my Maybank Infinite Card within 2 weeks from now. Then why Mas reply say Status "REFUNDED"

i would like to thank Cik Ida for her immediate respond and assistance on this matter.

Because of Mas arrogant behaviour by just changing our flight schedule without proper reasons given, this has cause me serious inconvenience and i had to rescheduled my appointment time with my client who was kind in enough meet me at 5pm instead of 3 pm on 5 jan 12017 (friday), as my cliet will be be available thereafter.

I and my the other 2 partners coming along with me, reluctantly had to book Mas ticket to Hong Kong (booking No. KXMBPH) which will be the last time we fly Mas again after this incident. Who knows, Mas may notify us again on the change of date.

We had to incurred time and additional cost of transport to take us from Hong Kong to Guangzhou by private car ( 3 hours) and who is going to compansate us the time & cost for all these ?

In fact, i am thinking as for pulic interest, i should inform the public that if you fixed an appointment with your client to meet on a specific date, please so not take Mas which could jeopardize your plan.

Nov 26, 2017

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