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Hi mas,

I booked sg-kch flight for 26th january 2017, which brings me to transit at kl. At the point of my booking, it has a 3 hours transit time in kl. Later on, mas changed the flight timings and my transit in kl is 1 hour. I sort of foresee the worst nightmare happen and it eventually did.

My sg-kl flight, mh0606 is supposed to leave at 1.55pm; next flight mh 2528 kl-kch supposed to leave at 4pm. Currently, i'm still stuck at the delay mh0606 aircraft, reason: waiting for 8 late passengers.

The way I see, your customer here is missing her next connecting flight home because of whichever authority that decides to delay the entire air bus flight to wait for 8 late comers.

I sincerely demand a good explanation over this case as it's simply absurd for an aeroplane to wait for late comers. Now, I will have to go through some hassle at kl airport later on, thanks to your management.

Jan 26, 2017

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