Malaysia Airlinesrude staff and system error on indian tourist visa information

Complaint...? Rather a bad experience with MAS!
Dear sir/madam,
My name is Thiru Umaran Thiagarajan. Im writing this email not just as a complaint but also to express my disappointment over what happened the other day at KLIA. I rarely used MAS but this time I decided to give a try as there was a hype regarding MAS newly reformed management, improved customer service and overall quality.
But, here is how it goes;
On the 30th of April 2017, my flight to Chennai MH 182 was on schedule to depart at 9.30am. I had already checked in but I was at the airport as early as 7am. Once I reached the airport I was confused as I couldn’t find on the display LCD regarding information my baggage drop, maybe I was just still sleepy at the moment, but luckily there was a kind KLIA stuff in yellow uniform who helped me out to ROW C.
The queue was long but moving fast. I was early at the queue (7.10am) so I was worried by the time I reach the counter they would ask me to leave and come back at 8.30am (2 hours before flight) for baggage drop, and my god! the queue was long. Lucky me the queue was fast and in 10 mins I was at the counter.
Here, is where my bad experience is going to begin;
Once at the counter, first; I was not even greeted with a smile or greeting. But if it’s still ok, what happened next gave me a shock. Your staff then checked my passport and visa, and said that I can’t fly because according to your system there must be a 60 days gap in between each visit to India for tourist visa. I was confused and shocked over what she said. I then explained to her that I have asked the Embassy and the Indian Visa Issuing Company (IVS) before buying my next ticket to Chennai, I further said I had also flied to Chennai within 2 months before and it’s not a problem. All she was concern was that my date of arrival into Malaysia was 29th April 2017 and today is 30th April 2017 which makes only 24 hours not 30 days which her system contraindicates, and that she and MAS would be fined if I were to send back upon arrival at Chennai and further requested me to go to the Indian Embassy on 2nd May to get a statement from Indian Embassy that im allowed to enter as I argued. She then went to check with her supervisor at the end of the row. She then returned bringing a printed copy of the statement saying im not allowed from your system with my passport. I explained to her that it’s not possible cause I have asked the embassy officers before I booked my ticket and if MAS is wrong, would MAS compensate my loses! But once again with a sulking face she just said that she don’t want to get in trouble and fined, the Indian embassy might have gave you a wrong information. After a while, she went back to her supervisor’s counter again and was there for a long time, meanwhile I was standing at the same counter like a dumb fellow. After a while I had no idea what’s happening, so I went to the supervisors counter at the end of the row instead. There I was standing there again like a rock! Nothing was said to me by the supervisor or your staff as well when I asked what’s happening, all they mentioned was “we are checking, please wait rudely”. They were making a few calls and Since they were using google, I then showed them the Indian Consulate website showing that the rule of 2 months gap were removed since 2012, but they were not convinced. I continued standing till 8.15am which is about if you realise is an hour! After a while, the supervisor got a call acknowledging that I can fly! Your staff then said ‘Ok, u can fly” and went back to her earlier counter and started printing the boarding pass and checking in my bags. I asked her “now who confirmed...”, she replied “duty manager...”. That’s all happened. She never conversed anything else, not even SORRY! I then rushed to board the flight, as there was only about 15 mins to board. Believe me or not, thank god! I was just on time to board!
To be frank I never aspect this to happen. How would I know that changes made since 2012 would be still at your system at 2017. I had no problem at Chennai immigration and currently im at Chennai as im writing this email to you. Im really disappointed with the service. Your staff were not polite. Your system has old un-updated record on Indian visas. Plus for your info, im a medical doctor who has spinal disk herniation, which gives me difficulties standing for a long time. Because of your inefficient system and staff, I was suffering for almost 2 days with pain because I was standing for almost an hour. Besides this I was also having gastritis that day because I couldn’t have my planned light breakfast before boarding because I had to run to my departure gate. If u realise I almost missed my flight that day.
Im writing this email to you as I aspect to get a proper response and assurance with compensation that this will never occur again. If I don’t get any replies or get satisfied with your response, I might have to see into other options to get my complaint heard. I hope MH-Malaysian Hospitality quote is still there! I still hope customer care is still your main concern and priority. Please give me a good reason to fly with MAS again and to recommend to my friends to fly with MAS. I did not get the names of your staff or your supervisor who was in charge that day, that time at counter C, because I believe at least you should have the system to track your staff and the error regarding India visa at your system. Any other information you need regarding me or this incidence, I would happy to share with you.
With the hope of getting my complaint heard, thank you in advance.
Dr. Thiru Umaran Thiagarajan

May 02, 2017

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