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I had booked business class tickets for myself and my wife, Ms. Yeow Ai Lin to travel from Kuala Lumpur to Phuket on 24th May (MH790) and return on 29th (MH791) May 2018.

However, my wife had a last minute business trip to Amsterdam and couldn't be back on time to travel on 24th May. I called the Malaysia Airlines hotline on 21st April to try to change the departure date to 25th May but was told that since the ticket is a promo ticket, the cost to change the flight would be more than the price of a new ticket and that I would be better off to purchase a new ticket. I subsequently bought a new one-way ticket for her to travel on the 25th May on MH790 (Reference QWCQ9E).

However, when I tried to check-in from Phuket for the return trip, the system kept saying that her name was not on the flight. We subsequently contacted the airline office in Phuket and was told that her ticket had been cancelled as she did not check in for her earlier flight booked for 24th May. They cancelled her valid ticket without even informing us!!!

Finally, we were advised to buy a new ticket to go home. And business class was already full, so we had to purchase an economy class ticket (Reference No: MI3TIA) at a cost of RM833.00 (which was more expensive than our original Business Class ticket which was arbitrarily cancelled).
The point is, why did they cancel a valid ticket without checking with/informing us? And why didn't they advise me how to avoid such a situation, when they advised me to purchase a fresh ticket on 21st April?

It is so disappointing the way Malaysia Airlines treat their Business Class passengers.

I would appreciate for someone from Malaysia Airlines HQ to call me at +[protected] to explain as well as to provide a full refund for my wife's ticket home.

Thank you.
Chit Quah

Malaysia Airlines
Malaysia Airlines
Malaysia Airlines

May 27, 2018
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  •   May 29, 2018

    Mr. "Chit Quah":

    1. The Malaysia Airlines did not appear at this site.
    The airline HQ do not deal with complaints of the passengers.
    This site has equal conditions to each user, either you are busuiness man, or tuk-tuk friver, or intelligence agent.

    2. I am connected with the Malaysia Airlines air carrier. I had a look at your complaint with attention.

    2.1. 1st image from left, PNR: QWCQ9E, flight MH790 departure 25MAY

    The so called "promo ticket", according to your words with reference to the Malsyan staff meber incorrect:
    this ticket can be refunded/compensated partially, irrespctive of the reason of the cancellation.
    The Malaysia Airlines did not want to refund according to you near 25MAY. It was their business.
    How to get the partial refund/compensation: by the submission of complaint (-s).

    2.2. 2nd image / middle image, PNR: MI3TIA, flight MH791 29MAY
    The words "I tried to check-in from Phuket for the return trip... and all the rest" your acts are unclear.
    "The ticket has been cancelled ", according to your words with reference to the Malasyan, with reference to the other unknown trip ("earlier flight booked for 24th May" ),
    so you can not be refunded are not true.
    How to get the full refund/compensation: by the submission of complaint (-s).

    3. 1stimage from right, PNR: MI3TIA
    You did not claim the 3rd ticket. It is for your achive/evidence of travel/receipt

    4. You last part - your emotions only. The air carreir responsibility does involve to answer to passenger question related "WHY the staff acted by this way ". It is a responsibility of applicant to
    - to make the facts clear and consistent
    - to convience the desicion maker by facts, emotionally and by law/regulations.

    The above is valid if you had submitted all or all substational piecies of each primary ticket ****

    **** If the you has not resolved the issue ***
    I invite you to send
    1) your full name, city, country, email, phone, evening time for contact, [protected]
    2) each ticket, which you had received from travel agent, preferably in format:
    PDF or FORWARD email
    3) each reply of the staff of the Malasyan air carrir
    4) you above text
    aming to claim the refund on your behalf from the Maslasyan air carrier.
    The procedure can take months, based on your description, in the best outcome.
    The worst outcome - 2 years, till the very final decision.

    a) normal post expence, if such can occure, to an authority/court in Malasya or elsewhere
    b) USD35
    c) 15-20% of the ticket cost after the refund is issued in your favour.
    Payment of invoice via only.
    Fee: USD25 ~ KWD10 + 10% of the ticket cost after the refund

    manager for ICAO/IATA irregulations
    e-mail: aryan(at) / substitue @=(at)

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  •   May 29, 2018

    The above one sentence is transmitted incorrectly: I am connected with the Malaysia Airlines air carrier
    The correct is: I am NOT associated with the Malaysia Airlines air carrier.

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  •   May 29, 2018

    2nd error from my above transmission - kindly ignore the line :
    Fee: USD25 ~ KWD10 + 10% of the ticket cost after the refund.

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  •   May 29, 2018

    PNR: J7N2ON : it was observed after all your flights had been completed.
    Your above complaint does not show any connection with the ticket of PNR: J7N2ON .

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