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Malaysia Airlines / mh178 of 14/10/2016 colombo / kuala lampur

1 Sri Lanka

Dear Sir/Madam,
Reference: MH178 of 14/10/2016 Colombo / Kuala Lampur
I am writing to you in connection with the above flight which I was booked onto on Friday 14 October 2016.
The flight was scheduled to depart from Colombo, Sri Lanka - Bandaranaike International Airport at 00.55, but was cancelled sighting technical reasons.
Despite my family and friends advising me not to fly in Malaysian Airlines due to the events of recent past, I still chose MH over other airlines. This was solely because of my previous travels with Malaysian Airlines and have liked your service, but this was the first time I flew after the crash of two flights. To the disappointment of myself and all other passengers booked on MH178 the unexpected happened. Generally, I do not have an issue with moderately delayed flights but what we had to go through was unacceptable. Once we were on board MH178 and were seated for about 1.5 hours, our flight was cancelled and it was announced that the cancellation was due to a technical issue. I was flying for my sister’s graduation with her and my mother and the reason for booking this flight was due the convenient time of landing in KL so my sister could attend to certain formalities prior to the event.
The crew unfortunately, did not even have the courtesy to inform the passengers until we asked. When we questioned, they said we will be moved to a hotel but they are not too sure of when we can fly back. They said it will depend on the next available flight. Throughout my mother was questioning why I chose MH and I had no answers, which was traumatising.
This happened around 1 am and we were kept waiting for hours and hours. We informed that we are going to attend a graduation ceremony and we can’t go back. They asked us to wait. Mind you they did not even offer us water. After many conversations, around 5 am they said they will be able to transfer us to Sri Lankan airlines scheduled flight to KL and the Sri Lankan airlines flight was to depart at 07.45am. We hurried and was in a massive queue to transfer our luggage, by that time it was around 6.40 am. Then when someone complained that we were not even given anything to eat/drink they arranged breakfast. We did not even have enough time to have it because we were late for the other flight and we had to rush. The trauma we had to go through was immense. Many things got delayed, my sister missed to take her graduation picture the previous day because she was exhausted after the long flight and breaking rest for over 36 hours. My mother got a migraine attack since she didn’t get enough sleep basically we were up for 24hrs that day.
I’m writing to you with a lot of disappointment. It took time because I was held up with work but I thought I still should write to you and let you know my grievances. I’m sure you will lose many loyal customers if this repeats. Appreciate if you can arrange suitable compensation for the inconvenience caused preferably with free tickets.

Reshma Azeez
+94 [protected]

Nov 7, 2016

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