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To whom it may concern,

I am writing to you in regards to my recent return trip from London Heathrow (London, England) to Denpasar (Bali, Indonesia).

Eticket number [protected]

London Heathrow - Kuala Lumpur Sunday 16th April 2017 10.25 MH3
Kuala Lumpur - Denpasar Monday 17th April 2017 09.00 MH715

Denpasar - Kuala Lumpur Tuesday 2nd May 19.25 MH850
Kuala Lumpur - London Heathrow Tuesday 2nd May 23.15 MH2

Unfortunately, there were a number of things which were less than satisfactory with regards to my experience.

All four flights were delayed in take off. On all four occasions, no explanation was given to the passengers. Instead, we were boarded on to the flight and left to sit on a hot, sweaty aeroplane for an unknown amount of time (this ranged from 30 - 60 minutes). This was extremely unsettling and uncomfortable and it unnecessarily added to the stresses of travelling and the amount of time we were sitting on the aeroplane. I understand that delays do occur and often can not be avoided, however, it was the complete lack of communication which made this part of the experience below satisfactory.

2. I read in your in flight magazine that for passengers who were transferring flights, it was advised that we check with the transfer desk that our luggage would be put onto our connecting flight. I went to the Malaysia Airlines desk within Kuala Lumpur airport and was faced with a very unhelpful, rude member of staff. Without looking at my boarding pass or checking which flights I was on, he assured me that my luggage would be put on the connecting flight. His attitude left me feeling stupid and as though I was a hassle to him. After a long day of travelling, upon arrival in Bali my luggage was not delivered. Following discussion with the baggage service team (who were very helpful) I later learned that this was a common occurrence with Malaysia Airlines and was due to there not being enough time at Kuala Lumpur airport. On collecting my bag, there was a sign which said ‘DO NOT LOAD” on my bag. Please can you explain what this sign was for? Had you pre-empted that my bag was not to be loaded on to the flight? The lack of luggage entirely ruined the first day of the holiday. I had to go and buy suncream and did not have any clothes/swimwear which were appropriate to wear during the hot sun. Therefore, I had to buy shorts and a t-shirt. These were unnecessary expenses added onto my trip. I then had to wait around my hotel from 5pm onwards, to await news of my luggage. I was told that my bag had failed customs (due a box of 16 paracetamol) and had to return to the airport. This took up a further two hours of my day and entirely ruined the first day of the holiday. I therefore was unable to attend a pre-organised meal with friends. This was very upsetting and a stressful time.

3. I was unable to check in online and therefore was unable to sit beside my friend who was on a separate booking. The man at the check in desk in Denpasar airport was again very unhelpful and rude. He told me he did not work for BA and therefore wouldn't check me in for that connecting flight. He told me I had to do this myself. When I tried to do this, BA told me that it was the responsibility of your airline. Thankfully, the lady in Kuala Lumur airport was able to do this for me and could not understand why the man at Denpasar could not do this for me.

I look forward to hearing back from you with details of my compensation.

Many thanks,

Hannah Irvine

May 08, 2017

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