Malaysia Airlines ā€” lost luggage

I flew from kuala lumpur to london heathrow on sunday 08th january and the airline lost my luggage.
Having travelled via a business class service, and having checked my bag in at the exact time as my partners' bag, for it to somehow go missing is a complete joke and iā€™d like to know exactly how this has happened. This meant that I waited for an additional 45 minutes, after a 15 hour flight (It was delayed for over an hour at the begining of the journey, for the luggage, only for it not to be there. Totally unacceptable standard. I paid for business class to avoid this from happening.

Following that, I tried calling the helpline, approx 30 times, but it goes through to some answerphone to leave a message ā€“ another extremely unhelpful and poor level of service from malaysia airlines.

I also sent an email to [protected]@azzurralhr. It - I received no response. I sent a tweet to the malaysia airlines account - again, I recieved no response.

There is a clear lack of customer service which is ridiculous. Your company clearly do not have an appreciation, in fact it is a complete disregard, for the distress that losing luggage causes, as well as the financial strain, having to buy replacement essential items as a result. The lack of communication since then is completely unnaceptbale.

Flight details:
Flight: mh 004
Kuala lumpur - heathrow london
Date: 08 january
File reference: ahl lhrmh 24 193
Bag number: mh688828

Jan 13, 2017

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